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pitch your book

Tell Your  Story.

Publish your first book!

Start Sharing Your Ideas....

Get Your Book Out Quick with a 3 part online guide to walk you through from the manuscript to pitching your book.

Step By Step
to publish your book!

Published Author Christi Given Guides You to Clicking "PUBLISH" whether that is on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kindle, or the Nook Book or through other self-publishing options.

e-course guide

TV, Radio Host, and Consultant Christi Given Assists You from Start to Finish on Being a Self-Published Author.

*Given shares her tips on exactly what she did to publish her book on 4 different prominent platforms. 

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*If you are not satisfied with your author results you can email: to request a refund for the E-course within 30 days.* We want YOU to be 100% satisfied and successful! 

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