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Christi Given is an Indie-Gospel, folk, pop artist and a singer-songwriter for television. She has written 300+songs for ASCAP and has placed over 650 songs on A&E, Bravo, Lifetime TV, and E! Entertainment. Her new Country-Gospel single “The Other Side (Studio Version)” was released May 1, 2022 on all streaming platforms. She also distributed the 2nd single, "La La Love," the second song on her country EP "LA LA LOVE," released July 30, 2022. Her third song from her EP is called, "Homeward Bound," released September 1, 2022. Go to the Music Tab to hear more. She is releasing a 4th track on the EP completing the project by fall of 2022.


Given has a BA in Communications & Journalism and has been seen on TBN, JUCE TV, Newsmax, and has been heard on KPRZ and KKLA Radio. Her two shows she has developed, "Holywood TV" and "TRUTH NEWS," are currently on Frank Speech. She hosts a podcast for her blog "HOLYWOOD NETWORK," called, "Building Holywood (In Media, Music and Technology)." You can watch it on Youtube @HolywoodNetwork or listen to it on Spotify and Anchor FM.

For More Information go to:  www.HolywoodNetwork.org or follow her @ChristiGiven on Instagram, Twitter, Rumble, Parler, Truth Social, Frank Social and Facebook.



Christina Given (AKA-Christi Given) was born in Northridge California. She was raised in Manhattan Beach and in Southern California during her childhood. Given is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and she released her single on iTunes called, "The Other Side (Amazing Grace)" (June 1, 2015). Given attended Vanguard University of Southern California (formerly known as Southern California Bible School founded in 1939.) There, Christi Given received her Bachelor's Degree in Communication, with an emphasis in Journalism.

Christi Given has always loved music, performing, talent shows and being in front of the camera since she was a little girl. Given has had years of television experience as a stand in and featured extra and finally found her place in television primarily while interning with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (2010). Given practiced on the teleprompter, did fill in assignments, and even got the opportunity shared her story and music on the youth network affiliated to TBN called, the JUCE TV Network. Given was officially hired as one of the JUCE TV Network hosts in 2014, and hosts "XVZ (the Xtreme Video Zone), which is the top ten countdown of the top Christian music videos currently on the charts.


Christi Given is a Southern California native who has been singing and writing music since the age of 12. She is passionate about changing the youth and the next generation through music, media and journalism. Given has hosted for The Trinity Broadcasting Network's youth channel, JUCE TV (JCTV) and has had an online news show called, the "JUCE MUSIC INSIDER." (A Christian E! news type of show about current Christian music news and positive media that she directed, hosted and edited). She also has hosted for the shows "XVZ, (Xtreme Video Zone) “Top 3” (a talk show) and "Hot Off the Press."


Christi has been seen on TBN's "Praise the Lord" and has performed on live television singing her song, “The Other Side,” for the "Project JUCE TV" in 2015. Christi launched "THE POWER SOURCE" show in 2017 after having done a pilot for YouTube that she directed and hosted.


She launched the online show and featured guests such as: David Diga Hernandez (Healing Evangelist, Encounter TV Host, Director & Author). She interviewed a couple of others, including legendary singer and actor Pat Boone. Given  merged from TBN & JUCE TV to help other networks such as the Hillsong Channel for the red carpet event for the "Let Hope Rise," film premiere. 



Christi Given re-released her first official single "The Other Side" as a Remix in January of 2017. 
Between 2017-2020, Given has penned and sang over 300 TV tracks and short jingles for networks such as A&E, Bravo TV, LifetimeTV, E! Channel, and more. Her songs can be heard on shows like “Vanderpump Rules,” “Little Women of LA,” “Little Women of Atlanta,” “Dance Moms” and more. Given is a member of ASCAP the American Society of Composers and Publishers and still has original songs being placed for TV.
Her new endeavor in 2021 is to continue in media through her network for faith based media “The Holywood Network.” (www.holywood network.org)
Given has been heard on San Diego’s Christian station KPRZ  (1210am), appearing a guest panel host for Reaching Out Radio (where God Comes First) on KPRAISE radio. She can be heard occasionally on Sundays as a guest radio panel co-host on the California station.
Given recently worked with Nashville Country artist and producer, Dean Miller (Roger Miller's son), who has produced Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Kacey Musgraves and more. Her new single, "The Other Side (Studio Version)" is a live country version of her Gospel song "THE OTHER SIDE (AMAZING GRACE)," originally written by Dantzler, Given, and Silverberg. 
Released: 5/1/22 
Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1uRbxH1NtYVk845DM1eI1m
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