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Welcome to the Holywood Network.


Welcome to the Holywood Network (formerly the Holywood Scoop Blog) founded in 2008, spot where you can find out the LATEST in Christian music news, find out what is happening with the latest Christian films, hear about new ministries, and find out what God is doing  in the realm of media. Journalist, musician and TV host Christi Given initiated the site, to help spread the “good news” and also the latest in Hollywood, or also nicknamed “Holy-wood.” (


[Image Credit: Founder of HolyWood Scoop on set  of JUCE TV’s  XVZ Top 10 Music Video Countdown show “Xtreme Video Zone”]

“God is moving powerfully through music, films and media, and I found this to be a great opportunity to share what the Lord is doing.” -Christi Given 

[Photo Credit: Forgiven Photography]


[Image: Christi Given on TBN’s Youth Channel JUCE TV “HOT OFF THE PRESS”]


[Image Credit: Heaven Up Headquarters-interview with Christi Given,]


[Image Credit: Top 3 Hosts Preston Pollard, Christi Given and AJ Michalka at Trinity Broadcasting’s youth set JUCE TV Network headquarters]

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