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Trump Starts His Own Network: The Rise of Freedom of Speech Platform “TRUTH SOCIAL” to C

By: Christi Given May 4, 2021 PT

Trump is a forward thinker, and reflecting back on his Presidency, he warned us of false news, fake media, and the dangers of big tech control. He is so smart, and forward thinking, that he knew in order to fully drain the swamp… he would need to think outside of the box and start his OWN PLATFORM, his OWN NETWORK. The Lord already showed me months ago that there will be a rise in independent companies for television, streaming, apps, platforms and that THIS too is apart of Holywood.



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In order to fully take back the land for God again, “One nation under God…” we have to expose the corrupt media. Like our founding Fathers so desired for us as a nation to be the “United States”, not the “divided states”, we see that draining the swamp is a slow, deep, process. (Hence, the deep state of corruption). We see that the first domino to fall is the fake news media that Trump warned us about. The liberal news stations have projected divisive tactics with racism, and making leaders out to be something that they are not, while neglecting the corrupt people in their own party under their nose.

Big companies like CNN, who admitted to twisting and manipulating information during election time should face consequences considering the impact it had from sharing false, inaccurate numbers from COVID, and also one of their news reporters according to the New York post, claims that,

“Charlie Chester, a technical Director at the cable network, was filmed during a series of fake Tinder dates as he explained how they “got Trump out” of office.

‘Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100 percent going to say it, and I 100 percent believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out,” Chester said, adding that he came to work at CNN because he ”wanted to be a part of that.’

Image: New York Post

“Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was.” -Charlie Chester (CNN) New York Post

As I mentioned further, thankfully Trump exposed the agenda behind the fake news media, and television “programming.” The liberals run most of Hollywood, and in order to drain the swamp, and corruption, we have to pray for people like Mike Lindell who started “FRANK,” his platform to excel. Pray for platforms like PARLER, and RUMBLE and for those who censor our leaders in authority like Zuckerberg, we need this to stop and we need change. I believe that many new social media platforms will emerge in this hour.

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Thanks for Donald J. Trump, who forewarned us about the deep state corruption. As many of us know, he is not a typical politician and doesn’t need the platform, the position, the money. Donald can go to his golf course or Trump hotel and let us all drown in socialism, but he will not allow it. He will fight for America and for our freedom. We know that the election was stolen and we must fight for our voice and our vote.

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BULLY #2: BIG TECH… You Have Been Warned

The next domino to fall is BIG TECH. Candice Owens already exposed this with FACT CHECK ZUCK DOT COM. She knew that Zuckerberg, along with many enlightened and awakened patriots that the big global corrupt elite multi-billionaires were targeting conservative truth tellers and Judeo-Christians. Nothing new or surprising, the devil has always been after the Jewish Nation Israel, and is now after America, a Christian Nation… where we say even on our money, “IN GOD WE TRUST.” We are founded on the Bible, and we will not lose our lady liberty, our freedom bells will ring again, and we will not let anyone silence us like the left did in 2020.

We WILL save America, the land of the beautiful, and the free. We will not allow our rights to be taken, and we will not be abused by the powers that be. We will not allow the left wing, communist liberals to cheat, steal, and destroy like the lying devil, and let them get away with it. God will not either, He is the righteous and just judge, and His gavel will come smashing down and we will see just as Kim Clement prophesied that Donald J. Trump will be a trumpet, and he will defeat the evil ones. He has stood with Israel, God’s Holy land and the lives of the unborn. Trump will pave the road to new news media platforms, restore patriotism, and also one nation under God.

[Image Credit: Mike Lindell FRANK Speech Platform]

The left can stomp, cry, lie, but they will not get away with their fraud, propaganda and planned division. We caught them and they know it and they’re afraid. We will not tolerate socialism in the land of the brave. Millions of soldiers died for our freedom and we will not have the constitution stripped from us. We need to pray for Donald J.Trump, his team, and that truth will prevail.

God is showing us the Hollywood movie, the corruption of Big tech, social media, fake news, and how dark it really is. The deep state is deep, muddy, murky, but God will clean house. He’s cleaning the White House, and he will replace the corrupt leaders one by one. The Supreme Court will bow down to Jesus Christ and overturn Roe Verses Wade. Many of these political wars were with the demonic forces that WANT to put in people like Joe Biden who (supports abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood), he granted over 60 Million dollars to them.

God told me the blood of crying out, there is a war in the land of life or death. The unborn’s cry has been heard and God the Father wants justice. Watch what is about to happen. Let us not forget that this battle may have looked like it was our defeat, but the war is not over. Stay tuned. A new episode of Holywood TV, is coming soon about the truth of the vaccines and their connection to the fetal cell line tissues of the unborn.

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People, keep praying we are living in dark days but the church will arise and shine for her light has come. We will shine as God’s stars in Hollywood. (Isaiah 60)

Comment below for prayer requests, comments and so forth.

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