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 ‘This Is How We Do It’ Singer Montell Jordan & His Wife Preach at Church on Marriage & Open

‘This Is How We Do It’ Singer Now Pastor Montell Jordan & His Wife Preach at Church on Marriage!

By: Christi Given Monday July 11, 2022 7:30pm PT

Founder of Holywood Network Christi Given with Husband & Wife Montell Jordan & Kristin Jordan

Montell and Kristin Jordan recently were guest speakers at my local church on July 10, 2022. You may remember, the famous song, “This Is How We Do It,” from the 1990’s. Jordan since then, has left his secular music career and now is happily married, has several children and Pastors a church in Atlanta, Georgia called, “Victory World Church.” He also leads worship with his church worship team, “Victory World Music” His wife Kristin and him have a marriage ministry and are launching a retreat center for married couples in 2022.

Go to: to support their ministry and to get their valuable resources.

Christi Given, Kristin Jordan, Montell Jordan & Christi’s Husband Connor After the Church Service

The sermon title at our local church was called, “The Miracle of Marriage.” One highlight that stood out to me in their sermon about marriage and relationships is that “sacrifice” and being “selfless” is key to a successful marriage but that doesn’t mean you think of yourself less. When you sacrifice, you are giving up something that you value for something even BETTER and greater. Sacrifice is also preferring your husband or wife before yourself. If each partner contributes 100% and tries to our serve one another, you will be set up for a successful marriage relationship. They mentioned even the people that they counseled that all of whom committed to giving 110% plus out serving one another has had martial success.

No one can complete you, only Christ can and when you keep God’s order, the “sequence,” as they call it, then all things line up. This reminds me of Matthew 6:33, “But seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and ALL of these things shall be added unto you.” To learn more watch the sermon and order their book on marriage.

Another highlight from the sermon that stood out to me was, “When control is present peace is absent.” This is important and they mentioned that marriage is God’s idea and gift to us. Some keys for a healthy and blessed marriage is that we must submit to the Lord Jesus Christ first, then one another, be in sequence with God (His order), and be fully sold out to the Kingdom of God and one another giving not 50% but 100 or even 110% each.

To Re-Watch the Broadcast Click the Link Below:

The couple also has a book on marriage called, “This is How We Do It: Making Your Marriage A Masterpeace” by Montell & Kristin Jordan. Click below to order the book on Amazon! 

They also announced that they are launching their own marriage ministry retreat center. If you would like to learn more about the marriage masterpiece program that they have and their retreat facility, please go to:

Look at how God has changed Montell’s life and brought him a beautiful wife, family, church and ministry! He also has a former book, one of his first releases, that I love the title of, called “Becoming UN-Famous: The Journey From How We Do It to How HE Do It.” Readers, do you see more leaders standing up and speaking up for the Lord? Comment below! We know that there will always be darkness but while the church is still present in the earth, we know the light shines bright in the darkness! (Isaiah 60)

Comment below if you see a Holywood Movement and or for prayer requests. God bless you!

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