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The “Left Behind” Film Based On the Rapture & Best Selling Books in Theatres Now!


The Left Behind Movie is set to be released in theatres, October 3, 2014. It is based off the New York Times Best Seller list “Left Behind Series,” The film stars: Nicolas Cage, Jordin Sparks, Chad Michael Murray and more.

The official plot, according to the Official website:

“Left Behind is an apocalyptic Action-Thriller movie starring Nicolas Cage based on the New York Times bestselling novel that brings biblical prophecy to life in modern times.

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The Characters:

            Ray Steele (Nicholas Cage’s character) is an airline pilot who is in charge of an airplane whose fuel is running out during the rapture. Chloe Steele, (Ray’s daughter) played by actress Casi Thomson, has a tense relationship with her Father (played by Cage). She is in her sophomore year in college and doubts God because of the devastating things happening in the world. Buck Williams, (played by Chad Michael Murray), is a correspondent for the GWN, (“Global Weekly News”) and is on the plane that Nicholas Cage’s character is the pilot of after the rapture takes place. Buck Williams, (Murray’s character) is just returning from Israel after a Russian invasion and is headed back to New York City.


Hattie Durham, is played by Nicky Whelan, who is a flight attendant on Rayford’s plane and is attracted to Cage’s character, not knowing he is married but the danger they face gets in the way of her attraction. Irene Steele is played by actress, Lea Thompson, who is Rayford’s (Cage’s) wife. Irene is a strong Christian but her beliefs sometimes come between her and her family. Shasta Carvell, is played by actress and singer Jordin Sparks, who is the wife of a famous athlete and who happens to be on the airplane of Ray Steel’s plane (Cage’s flight). Corvell is travelling with her daughter who seems to disappear at some point, which worries and dramatically affects the concerned Mother. [Source:]


Watch the trailer below:

When the author of the NY Times best selling book series, “Left Behind” was about to release another book, “Glorious Appearing,”  back in 2004, he was quoted saying,

“‘I really believe that there is a blessing on this series from the Lord,” he said. ”Just like with the ‘Passion’ movie, it is all part of the warning we get before Christ returns.” He added, ”Many people have asked me, Do you think they will finish the series before Christ comes?” 

The series is about the pre-tribulation, and apocalyptic theology based from the Bible. The books have become top sellers and now the film, is also reaching many people. The film has, of course had positive feedback and some criticism regarding reviews and it being based on the Bible. The writer and director responded to people via Facebook and wanted to show his appreciation to those who have supported the film. He mentioned on October 13, 2014:

“I just want to thank everyone who has shown their support for the Left Behind movie so far. Our non-preaching approach to evangelism hasn’t been universally popular among believers, and our bold depiction of what can only be considered a ‘fantastic’ prophecy to the unbelievers has led to nothing short of ridicule from every direction.

But in the end, close to two million people have now seen the rapture with their own eyes, and whether they accept the Truth or not, at least they’ll know what happened to the rest of us when that day comes. Reading through the comments and testimonies from people who had loved ones accept Christ after seeing the movie puts it all into perspective. God is using this movie to reach people who had once been unreachable! All the criticism and attacks in the world can’t take that away. If you know of someone who has been impacted by the movie and taken a step closer to God, please share it with all of us. God bless each and every one of you.”

– Paul Lalonde (writer, producer)


I encourage you to go and see the film and pray for all involved as well as those who will go and view the film.



Will you be seeing the film “LEFT BEHIND”??  What is your view on the film for those of you who have seen it?

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