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Sean Feucht in Arizona for Pentecost Weekend

By: Christi Given

Revivalist, worship leader, pioneer, and “Brazen” author Sean Feucht, (known for worship leading at Bethel Church), is in Phoenix, Arizona today and this weekend May 20, 2021- May 21, 2021 for the David Herzog Ministries Pentecost event called, “Pentecost Awakening.” There are many amazing prophetic speakers lined up for the weekend including: Evangelists David & Stephanie Herzog, Cindy Jacobs, and Steve Swanson.

Image:, Let Us Worship Revival Outreach #HOLDTHELINE

Go to this link below to watch Night #1: 2021

Acts 2: 28-29

We are collectively praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a Jesus people movement to come over our generation. Many are believing for the last great awakening to take place before Christ returns. GOD bless you for watching, and stay tuned for the powerful sermons, worship and more this weekend. (ACTS 2/JOEL2)

Are we seeing a second Jesus people movement?

Sean came to Arizona, just days before the election, and I was an eye witness of the baptisms, the worship that took place, the shift in the spirit and the unity between hundreds of believers during the pandemic. God moved in Arizona and still is. We are glad to have Feucht back.

Since his “Hold the Line,” and “Let Us Worship,” events, Sean has pioneered a major worship wave of the Holy Spirit and living water. Sean recorded some of his revivals and released them on iTunes, Spotify and more. He ended up being on the top of the charts, just being himself and worshipping. He is David of our generation and is a special warrior in the Kingdom. Keep praying for him! Pray for the weekend fo David Hergoz’ ministry event for Pentecost, as we are excited and expectant for the spirit of God to move.

Go to: www.the

for more information about Pentecost Weekend with David Hergoz Ministries.

Go on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify for his music.

Stay tuned for more Holywood News updates as we are on the frontlines of Hollywood, the Arizona recounts, and revival in the United States. God bless America! We declare and decree healing, restoration, freedom and revival over the nation and the nations. We decree Joel 2, Acts 2, Isaiah 22:22, and Revelation 3.


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