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“S H A M E L E S S: the Song by Camila Cabello to God Speaking to Me Through the Lyrics”

“S H A M E L E S S: the Song by Camila Cabello to God Speaking to Me Through the Lyrics”

By Guest Contributor: Emily Kirk

Shaym-le-ss/ˈʃeɪmləs/adjective; (of a person or their conduct) characterised by having or showing no feeling of shame.


By definition, the concept of one being without shame fits seamlessly into Christianity. Life as a saved, born-again Christian means that Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice (aka His bloody crucifixion on the Cross of Calvary over 200 years ago) is enough to abolish shame completely. However, if you’re reading this article right now – you’re living on Earth – in earthly flesh, with earthly influences. Influences that repeatedly leave everyone feeling shameful about something.

However, there is a psychology that happens to all Christians whenever we feel convicted – a mental ‘tug-of-war’, if you will. These convictions are the undeniable evidence of God drawing us back to His heart whenever our spirit begins to stray. Usually, convictions when it comes to believers make us immediately aware of our sin, to a degree where we feel the immediate need to repent, or at least pick up the bible that’s been left untouched on our bedside tables for a week. But sometimes? God gives such obvious signs, using His sense of humour paired with His deep knowledge about the innermost parts of you to convict you when you least expect it. And as a young woman with a ‘stan Twitter’ account and unconditional love for popstar Camila Cabello, my shamefulness is felt in the spirit of idolatry. But, on September 6th, 2019, He spoke to me so strongly, using a Camila song itself to personally convict me of it. I mean, come on! Out of all the songs, and all the artists in the world, God used undoubtedly the biggest popstar in the world’s song, knowing full well that said pop star was the one who I gave all my attention to?

It was on this night that I listened to these lyrics of her newest release, ‘Shameless’ for the first time:

“Right now, I’m shameless Screaming my lungs out for ya Not afraid to face it I need you more than I want to, Need you more than I want to…”

—“Shameless” Song by Camila Cabello 🎵

As the last line of the above chorus finished, I immediately paused Spotify —-like in the way you would turn down the TV when you hear your Mum call you from another room. It didn’t take long for the Lord to speak to me. Something that at that time, hadn’t happened so obviously for a while. “Shameless…” The dialogue begins. A modernised version of Romans 8:1 regularly said by a pastor at the church I hadn’t gone to in months revealed itself. “For there is now no shame and condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8)


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“EMILY!” The Lord’s gentleman-like voice began. “You’re going to concerts…” He shows me the times I spent all my money as a teenaged McDonald’s worker getting VIP packages and running for barricade. “Screaming your lungs out for these singers…” Then led my fingers to swipe back to the Instagram story I had just posted with the screenshot of said song a few seconds reminding people of who Camila and Demi Lovato and Jessie James Decker and Little Mix are…God spoke subtly “…you should be screaming, SHAMELESSLY for ME while singing in worship!!”

He continued his points. “You should be sharing, SHAMELESSLY that you are in love with Me through your posts!” Amen.



And with that, a renewed fear of the Lord made me check the deepest parts of my heart, and He turned the shame of being shameless to the understanding of being righteous.

And as you come to the end of this article, one imperfect Christian to another – I ask you. What will God use to speak to you, to make you do a heart check? To turn your cycle of shamelessness and shame of sin back to the never-ending knowledge of His grace?

Because believe me, I know now –

He’ll do it in the most obvious ways.

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