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Rap Evangelist Lecrae Wins Grammy for Song ‘Messengers’


Written by: Christi Given

Christian and Hip-Hop artist, Lecrae won the GRAMMY for “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song” this year at the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards February 8, 2015, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Lecrae accepted the Grammy on behalf of several songwriters who co-wrote For King and Country’s song “Messengers,” featuring Lecrae.

For years I have been a Lecrae supporter and have believed in his talent and giftings. There truly isn’t anyone like him in the recording and music industry. Lecrae is a stand out, a leader somewhat like a Daniel or David of our day who swims against the current of popular culture.

Lecrae is not only a lyricist, talented artist and hip hop creator, but is also a down to earth Father and husband first and foremost and a musical pioneer second. He is a Christ- follower and believer but tends to not want to be boxed into a label. He likes to be known as a Hip-Hop artist who happens to be a Christian so that he doesn’t leave out others who may not share the same beliefs. Lecrae has been inspired by many and chooses to inspire others as well. He has significantly made an impact on my life, and I am grateful there are artists like him.

When I started interning for JUCE TV Network, a few years ago when it was known as JCTV Network, I was working on submitting music videos for the video blenders and music video shows.( I remember that once I learned of who he was, I had this gut instinct that Lecrae was not only going to blow up on the Billboard charts, but had an instinct that he would be very successful once his talent and unique calling was discovered. Besides a Tupac, there hasn’t been really anyone I can think of who has specifically been vocal about their faith and Tupac wasn’t a Christian rapper by any means. He did at times get people thinking about life and faith and other topics.

Lecrae definitely is paving the way with the 116 clique (a group of rap artists on the Reach Records label based on Romans 1:16 from the Bible) to change how our culture views not only faith, but Jesus and also art within the expression of sharing this Gospel message. I love that bands like For King and Country, Kari Jobe, Britt Nicole and Hillsong’s Young and Free are also collaborating with Lecrae.

I believe God is raising up a remnant of people to take over Hollywood as leaders, world changers, culture impacters and atmosphere shifters for God’s Kingdom and glory. Honestly, the wave is already forming and there’s no stopping this tsunami of a revival of the Holy Spirit. I believe it is just being poured out and will continue to make waves within these next couple years. We live in exciting days as children of the light, but yes there is of course darkness and warfare. We need to pray for influencers like the Lecraes, Tedashiis, Trip Lees, Andy Mineos, Toby Macs, Beckah Shaes, Jais, Flames, V-Roses and more. Holywood is on the rise, we will see it becoming more prominent in our culture more and more.

[Some interesting facts about singers of the Christian band, For King and Country, Joel and Luke Smallbone (band members and siblings) just happen to be well known singer and Christian author Rebecca St. James’ brothers who are from Australia. It is a pretty small world of interconnected Gospel and Christian artists! Not to mention, Joel Smallbone (singer and musician in For King and Country) married a Christian/Gospel singer as well, named Moriah Peters. (Songs include: “I Choose Jesus,” “You Carry Me,” and more.]

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Follow Lecrae on Social Media: @Lecrae

Do you think Lecrae is growing more as a secular artist too outside of the Christian rap label?

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