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Pregnancy Announcement! We Are Having a Baby!

Tuesday October 18, 2022

Connor and I announced our pregnancy around the time of Easter (Resurrection Sunday). We found out around February of 2022. Our due date is November 1, 2022. We were ecstatic to find out and to hear baby's heartbeat and to see him through the ultrasound videos and pictures. Below are some of those images of the miracle of this baby's precious life, and our gift from God.

In March 2022, we went to Nashville for my birthday and so I could record some new music, see my official music and ministry website for more about my Country EP here: https://www.christigiven.com/music While we were in Nashville, TN capitol of Country and Christian music, we had to get this baby onesie. Here, pictured below, is my husband Connor holding up one of our first baby purchases.

Stay Tuned for more about my gender reveal party, nursery, baby products and more!

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