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Personal Fashion Tips & Style by Beauty Box Spokeswoman Christi Given

By Christi Given Thursday December 15, 2022

Image: Green Velvet Dress from the Beauty Box Boutique & Scarf

A couple of people have been asking me how do I personally style myself and how do I choose the fashion pieces that I wear. I want to share some simple and fun advice that anyone can apply to their wardrobe or when they are shopping for their next look or outfit. Cheers to choosing your next #OOTD (aka: Outfit of the day)

Image: Beauty Box Scarf (Burberry Look)

Trends come and go, but style remains. You can be fashionable with these simple tips if you keep them in mind. Also remember to be you, that you are unique and wear what brings out your personality and of course, what is seasonally fitting for the time. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

5 Fashion & Beauty Tips on How I Personally Style My Outfits and Looks:

1.) Match & Have a Color Coordination:

When choosing my outfit for the day, I typically try to match accordingly. If I’m wearing something teal, or pink I will try to accompany the color with a blouse or matching scarf, jewelry, shoe and or purse.

2.) Accessories: I love adding accessories such as handbags, purses, jewelry and even hats. Choose what is comfortable for you and what you like! You can be fashionable and stylish by just adding 1-2 accessories but don’t overdo it. For example: If I am wearing big earrings I will try to not wear a necklace and or if I’m wearing a bracelets I will try to wear more earring studs and a simple more delicate necklace. When it comes to style, again, everyone is different! Some people like chunky costume jewelry and some people like more dainty pieces. Be you, that is key in fashion… you are unique and no one is like you.

3.) Own Your Sense of Style: Confidence from the inside will radiate on the outside. If you are uncertain about what you are wearing or not comfortable, that will be noticeable in your fashion presentation. When we wear certain pieces of clothing they at times, can represent our personality and or who we are. You need to own your sense of fashion, and not be arrogant but confident in who you are. I like to come from a more modest sense of style, with fun, girly, bright and neutral colors. I enjoy trends as well but I will keep staple pieces in my wardrobe as well. (Ex: Good pair of nice fitting jeans, black heels, nice handbag, nice scarf)

4.) Prepare Outfits in Advance: When it comes to wearing the right outfit for an event, or special occasion, it is important to plan your look ahead of time. For example: Brides spend months looking for the “dress.” When you go to a friend’s birthday party or you attend a New Years Eve event, you will normally go shopping for a special dress or outfit right? Well, you can apply these same concepts of planning ahead, for daily fashion. If you want that chic, upscale look, plan your attire in advance. This helps with your morning routine as well, so you are not rushed just throwing something on. When you plan your outfit, jewelry and accessories beforehand, you will feel more confident in your appearance and will develop a habit of style and presentation. We plan our outfits accordingly for job interviews and for the holidays, so why not for your typical #OOTD?

5.) Makeup-Beauty Tip: Less is More

Unless I’m going to a charity gala or red carpet event I tend to keep my makeup on the more natural to medium glamorous side. I enjoy foundation, bronzer or blush, a cat eye for eyeliner, mascara and lipstick with liner. I also like to fill my brows in since I have blonde hair and my eyebrows are super light. Recently I have been dying them at the salon too a little darker so they stand out and are more contrasted. Some people like false lashes, but I do not wear those daily, only special occasions. I do get my nails done every 2-3 weeks acrylic gel oval shapes nails and change my color depending on the season. Again, do what YOU like and what is right for you, but this is my personal choice to use natural to medium glam make-up.

I hope that these personal tips helped you and inspired you! Please let me know if you want me to write more beauty articles and fashion newsletters for you ladies! Head over to the Beauty Box Boutique for more cute accessories and holiday outfits. I will show you some of my favorite items below!

Below is the Beauty Box Boutique Website where you can shop online and my personal website where you can read my blog, listen to music and learn more about me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year Everyone!

My favorite holiday items at the BBB December 2022!

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