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Miracle Story: My Music Debut on KKLA 99.5FM with Reaching Out Radio “Building God’s Kin


As many of you know I am a singer- songwriter, and mainly a Christian contemporary artist. Last year I made a list and found all the Christian radio stations in the U.S. and planned on going down to the list to submit my new song, “The Other Side (Amazing Grace)” which is a miracle song in itself. (Produced by Grammy winning engineer Nathan Dantzler, and Capitol CMG’s Joshua Silverberg-another divine connection from the Lord).

So I sent my song last year to the Fish LA Radio (a Contemporary Christian radio station) and didn’t hear back assuming they receive a lot of submissions and emails. Then, approximately two weeks ago, (in July) I sent a letter of interest to want to so resume’ to see if there was a possibly part-time job opportunity. I got a response about my letter of interest, but they were not hiring at the a Fish LA Christian music station but rather KKLA (99.5 FM) which, is a more Pastoral and Christian talk radio. I know the station well and had found a KKLA flier randomly in an old journal, but didn’t think it could be possible. Also, a week prior to emailing the Fish LA for job and didn’t know KKLA owns the Fish…God is so powerful.


After my best friend’s sons party I left the gated community in Beverly Hills on a beautiful Saturday in July, and rolled down my window to say goodbye to Steve my friend. I don’t stop for every guard and when I entered a different guard was on duty. Steve is a friend of mine now and has been a blessing to me and I hope to have been an encouragement to him. I blessed him with my worship cd and we talk music all the time and about Jesus because, well that’s just who I am and what I love to do! He is so cool and nice and I always love stopping to say hi. This time I stopped it was different, and God had plans in store. I was somewhat discouraged not knowing the next steps in my life, thankful for what God has done in TV and through my music so far but thinking I have such a long way to go and asking God when will he launch my music? When would I be on the radio? It just seems like forever… But I do trust God and know He is faithful and always good. He is ALWAYS on time.

As I stop and I’m about to go out of the private gate, Steve asked how I was and visa versa and I told him I was at a cross roads waiting to hear about what God wants next for my music and he said, “I want you to meet my friend Elisa, Christina she is a mighty woman of God and loves Jesus like you… Can I give her your number? You know she works for a radio station called KKLA… She will have you on her show I’m sure sometime!” In my head I’m like, “Um, wait excuse me?! Can you repeat that??! Did he say KKLA?!” What are the odds out of ALL THE RADIO STATIONS IN LOS ANGELES, CA and of all people of all timing?! He didn’t have to be at work at that exact moment, he didn’t have to connect me to Elisa that exact week, nor did I have to roll down my window and have our usual talk. God is amazing friends and His timing is PERFECT. (Ecclesiastes 3)

I told him God had me to send my letter of interest for a job that the Fish LA Radio sent me, but I hadn’t gotten to send it yet, but there was an old KKLA brochure flier on my desk at home literally while he was telling me this… A huge sign from God.


[Image: Flier at home just sitting on desk]

I’m like, “Steve, I was just about to ask them about a job!” Not to mention, I had a little list of my week and my plan of what I would do for music Monday’s and I had an idea to start my own radio show for Youtube Tuesday’s from home, and I wrote out the rest of the days of the week for blogging, Project Inspired, JUCE TV, church, and so forth. We will come back to this point in a minute. It’s as if God opened the door before I even knocked on it… And it’s not easy just jumping in to be on a radio show nor is it easy to get your song playing on radio! Only God could set this up!


Steve calls her Saturday, Elisa said she was busy and her friend Juan was in the hospital, having been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, and her mind was on overload and not thinking of really connecting with new people. Steve texted, (no response), called (no response), he called again and Elisa told me she said, “I knew something was going on when he kept calling me.” She said she wanted to just call him after Tuesday (that day was Saturday or Sunday). She said, I called him back and he said, “Elisa, I want you to meet Christi, she’s a woman of faith like you and she’s a singer who works at TBN, and she had a vision to work at KKLA!” She stopped, and felt like God wanted her to tune in and really listen. He was up to something special. Elisa has felt also she was called to Hollywood much like me with “Holywood.” Her whole show is called, “BUILDING GOD’s KINGDOM IN HOLLYWOOD!!!!” She said come in Tuesday (the exact day I wrote down on my schedule that I would start my own little Youtube radio show possibly from home). I felt God laugh like He had bigger plans than me doing this from home but rather I would be on a real radio station only 2 weeks later! Wow! Not only that but she had a connection and feeling she would one day be interviewed by TBN. What a divine appointment and connection.


The radio show could have been about ANYTHING but her show is all about bringing good, clean music back to popular radio, resurrecting old Hollywood and even faith based films as we have been seeing in the theaters. Wow is this up my alley or WHAT?! Elisa felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to call me and Sunday she called to have me on the show to tape and record Tuesday July 19, 2016. When I walked into the studio I met our co-host Mark, who is an awesome man of faith and also shares the same passion for the Gospel, healing Hollywood and bringing revival in entertainment and truthfully when we talked we could have spoken for an hour because the conversation just flowed.

Not only did the radio interview happen so smoothly but Elisa was impressed because I’m able to interview guests on JUCE TV (we talked about me interviewing her in the future and I saw the Hollywood sign all over her life). We had some confirmations and just a beautiful time of fellowship,  but also God sent us a huge sign of confirmation that we were going to be making changes in Hollywood. Right after I told her she was like a female Moses and she agreed God calls her this… She didn’t try to do radio but God opened this door… At that moment sitting in the booth at the restaurant we ate at after just me and Elisa, there was a screen behind her head in the restaurant and it said there was a fire in Hollywood on TV. Shocked,  I walked up to take a picture of the screen it said “grass fire in Hollywood,” and a man said, “The Hollywood sign area is on fire…” Wow God was confirming what He was doing… Allowing us to see what is happening. So many other miracles happened but I will attach photos to show you God’s power is real and is available to you too! Keep dreaming, praying, and standing up for the Gospel, and keep praying for Hollywood!


The show went well and airs Saturday, July 30 on 99.5 fm KKLA (11:30pm PT), and on Sunday July 31, 2016 at 6pm (PT). TUNE IN PLEASE! God bless you! Jesus loves you so much! Ask Christ in your heart if you do not know him as your personal Lord and Savior. (Read the Bible chapter 3 in the book of John).

Please tune in and continue to pray for this ministry and for the music! To God be the glory! Comment below if you have a prayer request! Find me on if you have a personal question or prayer request and share this blog with friends, and family.

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