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Lecrae on the Tonight Show & Worship Band Hillsong Appears on the Today Show!


Lecrae Moore, aka- “Lecrae” a hip-hop artist with Christian faith and values has emerged as a new artist in the world of not only Christian adult contemporary music, but also in the secular realm of music in Hip-Hop. Lecrae, in affiliation to the 116 Clique (the crew of rostered artists based on Romans 1:16) and Reach Records has made cultural impacts. I see the Lecrae’s, Tedashiis, the Andy Mineos, and the Trip Lees as the warriors in God’s army fighting a cultural and spiritual battle and furthering the vision of what God is doing in Hollywood, or what I call, “Holy-wood.”

Lecrae was not only nominated for Grammy awards, (Winner of Best Gospel Album) but was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards. Not only has risen to the top of not only the Christian music charts but also the Billboard Charts, but he has appeared on Television shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (twice). Lecrae appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” once for his album, ANOMALY (that reached #1 on the charts), to perform, and a second guest appearance on the show for another segment on “The Tonight Show” in 2015. ( On the 2015 performance, Lecrae joined DJ Promote for his “Welcome to America” remix. Go to “THE TONIGHT SHOW” website to view the performance. #LecraeonFallon #WelcometoAmerica @Lecrae

Click to watch:


Another popular Christian worship band and group of musicians from Australia, called, “Hillsong United,” from the Global Hillsong Church, has made their appearance on the American television network on ABC’s, “The Today Show,” singing and leading worship with their new song for their album EMPIRES, called, “Touch the Sky.” You can pre-order the album on iTunes, and the single, “Touch the Sky” is available for download now. The worship band has made such an impact on culture, there is also a documentary film being made and soon to be released in May 2015, called, “Let Hope Rise,” that presents the band and church’s impact on the nations. ( The music and worship has reached the top of the Billboard Charts, especially a single called, “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail),” from the “ZION” album the band released.

Click below to watch the live performance:

Click here to watch the trailer for the film:

Do you think that there is a shift in culture and that there are more positive musicians and or faith based artists emerging? Comment below!!


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