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Lauren Daigle New Album Debuts to #1 & She Appears on ELLEN’s Daytime Show


According to sources, Lauren Daigle, christian worship CCM artist reached to the top of the charts with her latest album. She sounds like a mixture between Kari Jobe meets Adele, and has a raspy breathy voice that is powerful and life changing. Her songs, “Trust in You,” and “How Can It Be,” (2015) are some of my favorites from her first debut album. She has been nominated for a Grammy and is a Dove Award winning artist.


Recently, Daigle’s new released album, “Look Up Child,” reached #1 on the charts and she was invited to come on to the daytime talk show “ELLEN.” This is a big step in the christian music world, in what I call HOLYWOOD, where artists are merging into the secular to shine their light. I love seeing someone who I have been so impacted by musically, vocally and even spiritually in my own walk with the Lord through worship to see her reach so many people.

It’s wonderful to see that people are able to use their gifts and talents to bless others, plant seeds, share the Gospel and even spread hope in the midst of hard times. Lauren Daigle is a brave singer-songwriter to be able to address some of her own personal struggles through writing her latest album, which is real and raw. Click here to buy the album:

Watch Her Sing “Still Rolling Stones,” from ELLEN:

Listen to her single, “Rescue,” which is so touching and has over 1 million views on YouTube:

Click here to see Lauren Live on her “LOOK UP CHILD” TOUR:

PI GIRLS, do you LOVE Lauren Daigle? Comment below!!


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