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LA Coliseum Revival “THE CALL:AZUZA NOW”

It all started when the Lord showed me an ” all access” sign similar to the one I saw when I was at the Oscar party.  Read my Azuza post below to understand the all access I speak of. 

(Read my first Azuza post here:

Azusa Now Mobilization Instagram_0

First thing that I encounter is my friend Robbie who used to host with me at the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He has a media pass and says that he can possibly get me to the media area. He mentions JUCE TV is here and I connect with the director Mark at the press booth. We get ushered up to the media area and keep in mind it has been pouring rain at an all outdoor stadium! People are still worshipping since 7am and earlier. I arrive at 1pm. I texted Mark, and he ushered me up to JUCE media booth.


First off, I got a free parking spot in a residential area, and keep in mind that “The Call: Azuza Now 2016” event was held at the LA Coliseum near USC. The USC Festival of Books was taking place and the traffic nearby was crazy. I finally meet up with my friends Bridgette and Aaron, we walk right in no tickets needed.


Seriously, God is so good my friend messaged me he was in media, we get ushered up to Press Box, then JUCE director wants me to wait to be ready to go on camera when I had no agenda to be filming but to worship. God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes calls us to be on assignment, even when we least expect it. 


I see some mutual friends Former Miss America’s Kristen Dalton from 2009, her husband and author Kris Wolfe, and actor Ben Davies, a fellow co- host for JUCE Kelly Tittle and my friend Claire who works at JUCE.


[Image: Former Miss USA Kristen Dalton, & Actor Ben Davies]


Next, I go down to get my friend in the elevator and as I’m inside with about 10 people this young guy named Daniel, asked me, “What’s your name?” I replied, “Christina,” and he said, “My wife is wanting to meet you, Autumn.” I am blown away, again read my first Azuza blog, she is a worship leader who contacted me on Instagram and led worship at 1:30pm for the revival.


Daniel Katz, her husband was Lou Engle’s personal assistant for years. Literally God was setting it all up and confirming everything He told me to do. I am so grateful I showed up and didn’t let the rain stop me. Autumn’s phone had died so if I had not been in the elevator at that exact moment, I may have not met her. Daniel takes me downstairs to meet Autumn.


[Image: God TV Live Azuza Now LIVE@GODTV]


By the way, I got my media pass which was “ALL ACCESS.” Me and Autumn hug and meet and act as though we have known each other forever! She is precious and I love her song, “Sound of Rain,” and she is moved to California soon to plant a church. Crazy how God connects on social media then in a field stadium with over 100,000 people… Only God can do that!


I felt in my spirit when I met Autumn a tugging in my heart, “Go to the stage..” (the pass that I had was all access and it said “PRODUCTION”) Moments later, Autumn confirms the Holy Spirit’s leading and  says, “We’re heading to the stage, wanna come?” I laugh, yes I want to go and we proceed to go down the multiple flights of stairs in the LA COLISEUM.


As we get backstage there I meet a TV host from LA where it is based in London, named Cynthia, a guy Jared from Nashville and this guy walks up named Tim, who I feel is a poet or psalmist. I sense I have met him before and he asks me what I am thinking. I laugh, I say, “You are connected to 116 Clique.” He says, “What’s that?” I say, “You know Lecrae’s people and Andy Mineo’s crew…” He looks at me with awe and says, “Whoa, I am meeting with Andy soon… How did you know?” Only God knew. But I believe God connected us for musical reasons. God is so cool. 


He then speaks over my life how I am a voice for the generation. I show him the TBN newsletter of Paul Crouch, Jan, Matt and Laurie and how I was in the last one brochure and newsletter of the youth being a voice based off Paul Crouch’s dream about a young girl with blonde hair and a round face who stood in front of thousands of youth saying, “Give us a voice..” And the next day Paul Crouch birthed JCTV, now JUCE TV.


He was shocked and blown away and began to prophesy to me. He said the Lord would multiply me like an Esther. I stop him and say how God speaks to me through royalty, crowns, being a Princess, and how Esther is the study I am doing by Beth Moore with about 20 other girls. He is shocked and it is confirmed, and I told him we are in week 7/9 on our 9 week Esther Bible study. He mentions some other powerful words and we connect via Facebook and the adventure continues.


Autumn said she must urgently get her phone which is charging in the food tent up above the coliseum area and it’s about 4:50 and she said they serve food at 5pm.. How did God know I was hungry… Kidding.


[Image: Esther study confirming Tim’s prophetic word over me that I would be an Esther..what a timely word. I am almost finished with this in depth study by Beth Moore.]


[Image: Mary Hudson (Katy’s Mom and me in the press box with JUCE TV Network]

By the way, to pre tell this part of the story, this past Sunday I went to Influence church in Anaheim Hills and worshipped with Kim Walker Smith from Jesus Culture. There, I saw a lady who looked like it reminded me of Katy Perry’s mom and I know she is a Christian. I prayed for Katy in my heart and was convinced it was her Mom, and I wanted to go up to say hi, but didn’t want to bother her. I didn’t say hi but I thought, if it’s meant to be I’ll run into her again. Well, it happened to be 6 days later… What are the odds! Only God can do this kind of stuff people!


[Image: Me & Katy Perry’s Dad Keith Hudson, an evangelist and speaker on fire for Jesus! We are praying for Katy to return to the Lord in worship…pray with us!]

I walk into the food tent for VIPs, leaders, guests, and volunteers and there is wonderful snacks, food and coffee and a long line. The second I walk in, guess who I see? Yup. Katy’s Dad, Keith, I think, “Lord I want to encourage him about his daughter and how I am praying for her, but I don’t want to bug him.” Well something in me, maybe from fasting just was bold and not afraid and I walked up to him, smiled and started to speak. He looked puzzled at first but as I started to encourage him, I spoke the word of the Lord that ‘when you teach a child in their way they should go they will not depart from it.’ I mentioned The Call (in Hollywood at Universal), that took place a couple years ago he was at for revival that I attended and told him about Holywood, JUCE TV, TBN and how it would be great to interview him and his wife at some point for the youth network JUCE TV. Currently, there is no acronym for JUCE YET… But I believe by the power of the Holy Spirit it is “J-esus, U-niting C-ulture , and E- entertainment.”


Keith and I prayed I laid hands on him and he said, “Please pray for Katy.” I told him I was and just prayed for him for strength, his ministry and future of their daughter to come back to worship in Jesus mighty name!

Next, he told me to talk to his wife about coming on JUCE TV NETWORK or TBN possibly, she agreed and gave me her business card. We all talked about the youth, the next generation and even Coachella and how we should send some people there to minister.


I then see my friend Jaeson Ma, an evangelist well known especially in Asia, who I met through an entertainment Bible Study in Venice in 2011, who I adore. He is an awesome brother in Christ who encouraged me about my music and ministry. Ma is a hip-hop artist and also works with many influencers such as MC Hammer and we both have mutual friends. Was cool running into him. (Go to: for more about his ministry and music.)


Next thing I know we go back downstairs to the amphitheater and I see friend Rabbi Jason Sobel, who is a Messianic Jew and Pastor of a local beach church. We connected and I have interviewed him before on TBN for JUCE TV’s “Hot Off the Press.” He invited me to his Passover dinner this month and Monday night after Tbn’s “Praise the Lord” taping I attended with evangelist Todd White, I was spoken to by someone that evening I would be influential in the Jewish community. I felt God was already showing me his confirmations.


I go back up to the JUCE booth, bring Autumn, we do an interview that I got set up last minute for her to talk about her single, how cool is God?! I wasn’t even planning on working or hosting but God gave me no access to VIP access, favor and blessings. Here is the photo of the interview below!


I mention to Mark McCallie of JUCE TV NETWORK, that I spoke with Katy’s Mom and Dad and that we should invite them to The Trinity Broadcasting Network for an interview or to watch a taping and literally about 1 minute after I said that, they were behind us about to do a last minute segment for our live Azuza piece. Wow, God works and moves quick!

katy perrys parents JUCE .jpg

God is behind the move of Holy-Wood people and things are shifting and changing. Just as the founder of “The Call & the Azuza Now” revival, Lou Engle spoke of last night, we will start to see more stadium Christianity, where there will be thousands coming to Christ and will hear the Gospel. We live in exciting yet urgent days.


[Image: Painting from Revival of God holding our nation in His arms! WOW!]

More miracles happened but these are the highlights of what God did! Before I wrap up this post I have to share about my vision of a tsunami wave (the Holy Spirit aka the living water) coming over LA and the Lord show me a huge tidal wave coming to sweep over LA, Hollywood and through the nations…


[Image: Girl immersed in the living interpretation..the Holy Spirit has drowned her in His Holy Presence…]


[Image: Chapman John Hamborg Art for the Bethel Music Worship album cover “HAVE IT ALL]


[Image: Me and artist Chapman John Hamborg ]

Last night, after being ushered into the front where Bethel worship band was leading my favorite worship songs… I met the Powerful painter and artist for the Bethel Church Worship team and Azuza named, Chapman. (Aka- Chappy) I told him that his painting of the girl immersed under water is beautiful and shared that I saw a tsunami wave coming over LA years ago representing revival in Los Angeles (most influential place with Hollywood, media, culture, and entertainment in the world,) and the Lord show me a huge tidal wave coming to sweep over LA, Hollywood and through the nations… He told me, “I painted that!” Let me get the painting and show you!!! Wow God confirmed His vision to me! The wave is the living water, the powerful Holy Spirit and the Word of God!


Lou Engle prayed powerful prayers over everyone and spoke prophetic words over the church and how we will start to see more stadium Christianity where revival will be taking place and the Gospel will be reached throughout the nations. 


Bethel worship band led a few of my favorite songs, especially Amanda Cook’s “Pieces” and “Your Love Never Fails.” What a powerful, anointed night of worship! So honored to be there and right in the front row with media! God showed me I have all access not only with media but in HIS PRESENCE ABOVE ALL! AMEN?? So thankful for salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


[Image: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, roaring!!!]

During the afternoon, I saw an empty wheelchair and felt like God said that I would pray for someone in a wheelchair. Eventually, as the night progressed I forgot about it and guess what happened? A small group of us at the front of the venue ended up having an opportunity to pray for a lady in a wheelchair! I believe the young woman will be healed as I saw a wheelchair and the Lord confirmed I would pray for someone who needed healing. Below is a woman being restored, I pray she can get up and walk again in Jesus name.


The night was powerful, and overwhelming to say the least but God does Ephesians 3:20 when we surrender, listen, walk with Him and honor the Lord! He is so good and wants to work miracles in your life too! Will you join the body of Christ and family of God?


Comment below if you see the vision and fruition of “Holy-Wood”!! Comment below! Jesus loves you.

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