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Jazmin Nikolé Releases Debut Single, ‘Fight This Fire’ & Official Music Video

By Tiffany Salerno Sunday March 13, 2022 8:30 PM PT

Jazmin Nikolé made her professional debut as a solo artist on February 22, 2022, with her single, “Fight This Fire.”

Jazmin Nikolé

Watch the Official Music Video Below:

Jazmin said she believes “Fight this Fire” is relatable for many women.

Sometimes there’s someone who we are longing for, missing or wishing were in our lives, and they’re out there saving another girl’s life and being that man for someone else… So maybe you feel a little selfish for wishing that girl was you or that you got to be that girl.” —Jazmin Nikolé

Shot from the “FIGHT THIS FIRE” music video

Jazmin wrote “Fight This Fire” with recording artist and producer Taylor Hill, who has worked with Lecrae, Andy Mineo and other leading Christian hip-hop artists. Hill and Joel Piper produced the song, and Piper mixed and mastered it.

Jazmin and her team created the “Fight This Fire” music video in the rural mountains of Idaho near the towns of Sun Valley and Ketchum, where she worked with director Yancy Caldwell of Stellar Media and hair and makeup artist Missy Ann Jones.

Jazmin Nikole’s Music Video

“When we shot the sunset the first night, they said that there had not been a visible sunset in over a month because of the fog,” Jazmin said.

“That night, the heavens cleared up just for us, and it was our little miracle! My heart is full of gratitude.”

Jazmin Nikolé, of San Diego, formerly led the intimate concert experience NiteLight, an outreach of Radiance International on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, where my husband, Anthony Salerno, and I volunteered in our early dating days. Jazmin has supported our relationship from the start, and she even attended our wedding in Mt Baldy in December 2020. Social Media: follow her @JazminNikole

Jazmin’s first live show ever with her original music was at Nitelight. “I just wanted to share this video to see where I started, so you can see how far I’ve come,” Jazmin said. “My piano is pretty awful (in this video), but we all gotta start somewhere.”

In addition to her music venue endeavors with NiteLight and her new single, Jazmin is the lead singer and primary songwriter of the indie, neo-soul and sometimes jazzy band, Friday School. Their slogan is ”classy is cool.”

Click here to follow them on social media:

Friday School The Band

We want to be examples in this generation of what it looks like to be true followers of Jesus. By simply loving God and loving others, our goal is to bring biblical morals back in style,” Jazmin said.

“Let’s do dating with honor, let’s speak with confidence, let’s love people selflessly, let’s build each other up, let’s be unashamed of who God has called us to be. I believe we will change the world through the music we create as we partner with heaven to be a shining light in the music industry.”

The band played its FIRST show in Los Angeles at Anna Kim’s birthday party on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2022, at The Delightful Cafe in Long Beach, California. Anna, a film & TV producer, selected a talented line-up of musicians, a comedian and other performers to entertain guests at her event.

Jazmin and Anna Kim

“I wanted Jazmin to sing with her band because the message of their song, ‘Togetherness,’ aligned with how I wanted to bring everyone together for my party — even all ages and generations,” Anna said.

“I love that they’re a tight-knit family, promoting unity, faith and freedom. Everyone loved Jazmin’s vibe and energy, and her brothers are so cool. They closed out my show; it was really neat.”

The other bandmates are four of her brothers, who play guitar, bass, piano, drums and provide music production for the band.

“We all grew up listening to old school music, so we are trying to bring that back, with some new swag,” Jazmin said.

Jazmin was raised in the Christian faith in a homeschooling family of 10 children, but she truly experienced transformation when she laid down everything for Jesus nearly three years ago.

“I realized that God had been preparing me all along for my destiny and purpose on earth… I struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia for many years, dated abusive men, had daddy issues, and have been sexually assaulted, lied to, cheated on and betrayed. But God is a Father who turns everything around for good. His love changed my life.” —Singer-songwriter Jazmin Nikolé

“His love made me whole again,” she said. “I am a walking, breathing example of His mercy. I am now living in my purpose. I know that I am a mouthpiece for heaven.”

Jazmin and Anna, who share the birthday of Feb. 15, reconnected at the Fire and Glory Outpouring in San Diego, where Jazmin received a prophecy that she would help many people break free from a spirit of depression.

(Anna Kim, founder of Anna Kim Productions, has worked in a variety of film & TV and event & hospitality production roles. Anna helped produce the Grammy Awards, the Oscars and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards, and she has worked at CMT and ESPN, as well as multiple Viacom network channels.)

Jazmin said she aims for her music and message to restore people’s hope, self-worth, vision and faith. As she rises above the painful things she’s experienced, Jazmin hopes to bring others up higher as well.

I believe God is raising up His warriors, especially His creatives, to make an impact in this world for such a time as this,” Jazmin said. “God’s got a really cool plan for our lives, and I’m excited to see it unfold.”

To join Jazmin’s journey, follow her on Instagram @JazminNikole and follow her YouTube channel, “Jazmin Nikolé.”

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