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Interview with Singer Larissa Lam & ONLY WON at the Hollywood Prayer Network Event!

By: Tiffany Salerno

I was delighted by the beatboxing and beautiful singing that together comprised “Little Drummer Boy” at the Hollywood Prayer Network’s White Tie Christmas Fundraiser Concert on Dec. 19 at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

SINGER LARISSA LAM & Baldwin Chiu Sing at the HPN Event DECEMBER 2021

The hip-hop performance of the classic Christmas carol was brought to us by singer, actress and radio/TV host (as seen on TBN, JCTV, JUCE TV NETWORK) Larissa Lam and her husband, actor and hip-hop artist Baldwin Chiu, who raps under the name Only Won.


The married couple, known as the Christian Asian version of Jay-Z and Beyonce, performed “Little Drummer Boy” at the event, with Lam singing the melody and Chiu providing beat-boxing for the sound of the drums.

Only Won is considered the first bilingual Chinese American rap artist because he started his career by rapping in both Cantonese and English. As an actor, he appears in many feature films, including The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions and The Pursuit of Happyness, and he provided music for the soundtrack of Dead Man Down.

Lam was the chief financial officer of EDM label NSOUL Records, so she is known as the “the singing CFO,” and Baldwin is a professionally licensed mechanical engineer, so one of his nicknames is the “the lyrical engineer.” Together, they bridge the gap between academia, the STEM world and those who don’t yet know Jesus, and the God who loves us all and desires that all would come to know Him.

Fun fact: Lam previously hosted for TBN’s former youth channel, JUCE TV, for which Holywood Network founder Christi Given also hosted.

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