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According to sources, such as “IMDB” (The International Movie Database) and “The Guardian,” it is reported that Australian Hugh Jackman (X-Men:Apocalypse, Les Miserables, The Wolverine) may be playing Paul from the Bible in an upcoming film produced by the “Good Will Hunting” writers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

“Jackman in the lead as the follower of Jesus who was converted on the road to Damascus, not to mention Matt Damon and Ben Affleck taking producer roles, the project looks likely to have significantly more clout than previous efforts.” – The Guardian

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What is quite fascinating is that through “Parade” it is reported from an interview with the magazine that Hugh Jackman’s Father took him to Billy Graham crusades when he was younger. Although he was brought up with a was a devout born-again Christian Father, he currently believes in Practical Philosophy and attended an international school regarding these ideologies that Jackman holds to. He doesn’t consider himself Christian but believes in the “yin and the yang” philosophy, and the idea of “oneness.” Although Hugh Jackman isn’t a professed Jesus follower, it will be really riveting to see him depict the character of Saul of Tarsus (the one who persecuted and killed Christians) to the conversion of Paul the disciple of Christ. Paul’s story is a story of extreme conversion and 180 degree repentance but it is also revelatory of how merciful, relentless, loving, and persistent God’s love is for people.

From “The Guardian,” they explain the role of Paul in church history and how pivotal and significant Paul’s conversion was. “Paul is known as one of the great figures of the apostolic age, despite the fact that he was not one of Jesus’s original 12 apostles. He is believed to have been responsible for writing 14 out of the 27 books of the New Testament, and around half of the Book of Acts details his life story and works.”

According to “Deadline,” the story of Paul also consists of Paul being blinded on the road to Damascus after seeing Jesus and a bright white light which knocked him off of his horse. Paul ended up being healed through the prayers of Ananias which helped his vision. Paul, a Roman citizen, helped build the Christian church as it is known today by preaching the Gospel, writing letters (books) through the Bible in the New Testament.


The exciting thing about this film is that this will be hopefully bringing Jackman into the return of his Christian upbringing and or introducing the Gospel to the world of those who have not yet experienced Christ’s love. Read the Hollywood Deadline site at for the article on Bible based films entitled, “Biblical and Faith- Based Movies: In Hollywood to Stay?”




What do you think of the new film? Do you look forward to seeing it? Are you a Hugh Jackman fan? Do you see the vision of HOLYWOOD on the rise with the Bible based films? Comment below I want to know your thoughts!

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