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Holywood TV: Red Carpet Interview with Actress Edwina Findley

Watch the Red Carpet Interview at the Hollywood Prayer Network’s 20 Birthday Party Anniversary Below with Actress Edwina Findley:

Holywood Network’s Tiffany Roney Salerno Interviews Actress Edwina Findley

By: Tiffany Roney Salerno

Actress Edwina Findley has worked on high-profile projects with Oprah, Tyler Perry and other industry leaders, but what I first noticed about her was her unmistakable glow. She carries the heavenly radiance of someone who truly knows the Lord. I first encountered Edwina in summer or September 2018 at a prayer walk in which people associated with Radiance International – Hollywood House of Prayer and the ministry school Ekballo Pasadena hit the streets of West Hollywood to worship while walking, praying that God would be exalted in that area and in the entertainment industry. To a casual onlooker, Edwina was just another participant; to those familiar with her films, she would have been a celebrity; but to me, she was someone I wanted to meet because of her clearly red-hot prayer life. I later saw Edwina speak at the Modern Prophetic Conference hosted by Expression 58 and held at the Angelus Temple in October 2018. I clearly remember Edwina sharing how she heard and obeyed the voice of the Lord as he led her in ways that made no sense to the human mind but made perfect sense in hindsight. Her path of prayer and obedience led her to where she is today — a film and TV star, a wife and mother, and a speaker with a message about pursuing your purpose and living your dreams. Along the way, she had seasons of struggle, but she always kept faith in the Father. Fast forward to August 2021: I was privileged to interview Edwina on the red carpet for the Holywood Network and for the Hollywood Prayer Network at HPN’s 20th Birthday Party, held Saturday, Aug. 14, at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. HPN will premiere my interview for their network at a later date. Here, enjoy my short interview with Edwina Findley for the Holywood Network.

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