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Holywood’s Salerno Interviews Comedian Michael the NRB

By: Tiffany Roney Salerno

I just now enjoyed watching Michael Jr. in the trailer for “Selfie Dad,” which reminded me of when I met him at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Dallas earlier this year!

[Image Credit:

It was a blessing to meet and interview this man, who is as funny and loving in person as he is onstage and on camera.

Michael Jr. has been featured on the Tonight Show, Oprah, Comedy Central, TedX Talks and even was a keynote speaker for a fortune 500 company! He is also the author of “Funny How Life Works” and the star of the 2020 feature film, “Selfie Dad.”

In real life, Michael is a husband and father, and I was privileged to meet his daughter at NRB!

“As Michael Jr. and I discuss in my interview with him (see video below), he has an encouraging spiel about set-ups and punchlines. As a public speaker, he often shares about how his work as a comedian is all about set-ups and punchlines, which is very similar to real life.” -TIFFANY SALERNO (WRITER FOR THE HOLYWOOD NETWORK)

We all are given a set-up — where we grew up, the natural talents we were born with, the training and life experiences we received — and then it is our choice to contribute the punchline that God wants us to live out as our destiny.

Interview with Holywood TV:

On a smaller scale, we joked about how all the time I spent watching his comedic videos online for years provided my setup for this punchline — my spontaneous interview with him! I had no idea when I watched those videos that I would get to interview him someday, but God knew.

I would encourage all of you to seek the Lord to gain understanding about the key points of your set-up that you may be ignoring or wishing were different, and to ask Him how He wants to use those in your life to help you deliver your punchline.

Together with Michael Jr., I ask you: What punchline will you deliver?

olywood Network’s Tiffany & Anthony Salerno with Comedian and Guest: Michael Jr.

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