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Written by: Christi Given 


There’s a new film called, “Gods Not Dead,” out in theaters featuring Newsboys, and starring Kevin Sorbo, Disney’s Shane Harper, David A.R.White, special appearances from Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson. The film deals with standing up for your faith, and even has a slogan on their official site asking, “How far would you go to defend your faith?”

The film is about a “dogmatic” professor named Professor Radisson (played by Sorbo), who instructs his college students in his philosophy course to write down on a piece of paper, “GOD IS DEAD.” Shane Harper’s character, Josh Wheaton objects and this results in a confrontation about creation verses evolution. Soley by himself out of all the students in the class, Wheaton expresses that he cannot comply, therefore the teacher offers an alternative which is to prove God exists by giving substantial evidence throughout the course, and if according to the class, (by vote) and also in Professor Radisson’s opinion, if Josh succeeds, then he will pass the course. If Josh Wheaton fails, then he will fail the class and it will hinder him from his scholastic achievements. Wheaton accepts the challenge and the film presents a series of debates and different scenarios many characters are faced with in the challenge of being bold in their faith. The film is ultimately an intellectual and Biblically inspired film.

This is another example, again that there is a rise in wholesome, positive films and even a movement of Biblical films growing in Hollywood.

Even media outlets such as Fox, and other newspapers have written about the new series of films from “Son of God,” to “NOAH,” to “Exodus: Gods and Kings” (expected at the end 2014, or early 2015 starring Christian Bale), “Heaven is For Real”, and more.

Read more on FOX NEWS here:


[Image Credit: Film “Exodus: GODS AND KINGS” starring Christian Bale”]

These faith based films are no longer trickling behind the mega blockbuster films. There are more high quality faith based films being made, (grossing over 40 million dollars) which seems like a miracle. Hollywood hasn’t watched a Christian major motion picture since “The Passion of the Christ” by Gibson  released over a decade ago. It’s about time, wouldn’t you say? (Atleast the Christian believes and hopes) In my opinion, I think it’s time that we resurrect older classic Biblical films such as, “The Ten-Commandments,” starring actor Charleton Heston from the 1950’s.

It’s about that time our country began going back to our roots in film to the Biblically inspired stories that never get old and are filled with hope, love, and truth! We are living in exciting days, amen? ! Of course there’s a war between good and evil (literally) but we can be expectant that God is on the move in Hollywood and in the entertainment business, or as I like to call it, the new “HOLY-WOOD.”



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