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Since before Tori blew up on the charts and got discovered, I loved watching her Youtube covers, and before Amy Grant decided to do this collaboration I was a huge fan listening to her music as a little girl thanks to my Mom! Two totally talented artists have made the comeback for awakening a hit song that can outlast the test of time! “Baby Baby,” released in 1991, was Grant’s major love song hit and put her on the map as an artist. The song was from the album, “Heart in Motion,” and was written by Grant and writer Keith Thomas. I am so happy Grant is decided to re-release the song and to partner with someone as awesome as Tori Kelly as well! What a fun duo for both parties!


Tori Kelly started her career making Youtube videos (over 24 million views), doing live shows, and finally getting discovered with her self-released album, “Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly.” She worked with Capitol Records to release her first EP, “Forward,” which opened the door to her career really being launched. She did a lot of co-writing, and worked with industry professionals, (aka-she earned her spot on the charts), and now she is a professional recording artist signed to Capitol Records. Tori has over 1 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel, has sold over 1.5 million songs in the U.S. and has over 163 million streams. (


Tori Kelly is a Christian and was inspired by gospel singer Crystal Lewis, according to her Official website, and Amy Grant was a well-known Christian singer in the 90’s. Perfect singing duo match, amen?

Watch the Official Lyric Video by Amy Grant for “Baby Baby” featuring Tori Kelly:



Watch the Behind the Scenes Recording Video of Pop Singer Tori Kelly & Contemporary Christian Artist Amy Grant:

This is such a divine connection for both artists as it gives Amy a fresh sound with the release of her single, produced by Dave Garcia, but also puts Tori out there in the music world even more with Contemporary Christian legend Amy Grant.



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Do you see a rise of leaders, influencers, worship leaders, and even under cover artists rising up to change Hollywood for the better? Let’s keep praying and be a light in the dark places, amen?

Fun question for my readers, “What are some of your favorite Amy Grant songs?” I loved her Christmas releases…takes me back to my childhood! 🙂 God bless you all! Thank you for subscribing!!

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