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Grammy Winning Singer Tori Kelly Shares Her Testimony With I AM SECOND & Performs and The Billbo


Singer-songwriter Tori Kelly is performing at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1, 2019 and she is performing with country stars Dan and Shay. The event will be hosted by former American Idol winner and singer Kelly Clarkson.

Recently, Tori Kelly released her latest single, “Change Your Mind,” and also has her “acoustic sessions” out now. Go to her official website for more information about her tour dates and also to download her music at:

Tori Kelly was discovered on YouTube and is now signed with Capitol Records and she won a Grammy for “Hiding Place” for the best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance Single. She is a christian but is more undercover in the secular world and this was her first gospel or faith based project.

In 2018, Tori was interviewed with I AM SECOND, and shared her testimony and relationship with God. She is so inspiring and her voice is so beautiful! She is definitely one of my favorite artists and it is so neat to see her journey from being a Youtuber to becoming such a powerful voice in our generation!

Check out the video and the official white chair interview below:

Do you think she is one of the more positive leaders in Hollywood, which I call the move in the industry “Holy-Wood?” Let us pray for her to keep shining her light and for more artists like her to emerge in the music business!

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