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Former DUKES OF HAZZARD Chip Mayer’s Wife Shauna Mayer’s Interview + New Book ‘Confessio


Interview By: Christi Given

CG: What prompted you to write your book, “Confessions of 5 Christian Wives?”

In truth – the book was God’s idea, not mine. I had been through and overcome a great deal of rejection, heartache and financial lack in my marriage. Chip, my husband, had been a pretty successful and well-known actor before we married, but after we married he rarely worked. He comforted himself by escaping into alcohol and drug use. After several years of marriage and learning to love and forgive God’s way, I had a prophetic dream showing me the actual cover of the book and with that – deep understanding as to how and why it should be written. It took 10 years to write and complete and finally publish. In case you haven’t heard, God’s not in a hurry…

CG: Yes, very true, ha-ha God is not in a hurry! The book is so impactful and powerful. I really loved the unique, honest confessions by the 5 women in the book. Why do you think there is such power in confession and in our testimonies?

There is great power in our personal testimonies and even our confessions because our true and real life stories bring glory to God and prove how very real He is in each of our lives. Our testimonies typically highlight a need and our confessions share our faults, failures and sin and put on display His compassion, concern and mercy shown towards us. All of our testimonies magnify His great grace upon us, which is inexhaustible. Thank God for that!!


CG: Amen. What is your vision in your ministry or the purpose behind initiating the book, as well as the other TV ideas you have in mind? Why do you think you’re called to women’s ministry, and why do people need to hear the love of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

My vision first and foremost is to reflect the heart of God through the life and love of Jesus Christ and to make Him real…because He is – He’s alive! We are all sinners who need a Savior. Jesus is the only Savior. There is no self-salvation, no matter how hard one works at being good. We will NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH to go to heaven and spend eternity in the presence of the Lord without receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior first. My desire is to be a witness regardless of the circumstances in my life – that manifests love for God as I trust and lean on Him, and die to self, so I can rise above my circumstances.

I believe reading my story gives women hope and that the reader may draw the conclusion that Jesus is our hope – not hype.

I do have an idea for a TV show in which a handful of truly lovely and godly women, living here in LA, illustrate how they live their everyday lives trying to glorify God with the desire to draw others to Him, as well. That’s our job! I believe I’ve been called into women’s ministry because of my unfailing love for God and His Son Jesus Christ, but additionally because of the enormity of hardships I’ve endured and overcome in Christ. That encourages other women to overcome, as well

CG: I read your story in the book, “Confessions of 5 Christian Wives,” and your testimony is SO powerful! I love the scripture references, the revelation God gave you, and the depth that you grew despite difficult trials and circumstances. Do you think its possible for people to go through a rough time, yet; somehow God can still use that situation to bless others? I feel that is what happened with you and Chip (your husband)-can you explain more on this?

God uses every single circumstance both good and not so good to cause us to have faith in His goodness and faithfulness towards us, as a loving Heavenly Father. Not to mention the fact that hardship helps to chisel His character and likeness in us.

Hebrews 5 vs. 8-9 says, “Though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered. And having been perfected He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him.”

Difficulties in life are not meant to slow us down or necessarily discourage us although, that’s what the devil hopes will occur, but God uses those experiences for good to cause us to go deeper in Him and trust Him even more. God allowed all of the difficult circumstances in my life to show me over and over again that nothing was too difficult for Him to change heal or restore. I am a better person and a blessed woman for all I have endured and gone through. 


 [Image: Actor Chip Mayer from the Dukes of Hazzard]

CG: Tell us about who Chip is and what he is known for in the entertainment industry-have you been able to share with different ministries because of the platform you both were given?

Chip came to LA from New Jersey after being cast in a TV Show starring Burt Reynolds. He had immediate success doing countless TV commercials and pilots and guest starring on prime time shows. Then he landed the coveted role replacing Tom Wopat on the wildly popular “Dukes of Hazards” when Tom and John Schneider left the show for a year over a contract dispute. That was a huge break for Chip. He was also in the Jim Carrey movie “Liar, Liar,” and he did other sweet roles over the years he was acting here in LA. Chip did get radically saved and began to turn down all of the unsavory and ungodly roles and offers -and there were many. His Agents eventually quit calling him and he basically lost his career over his Christian beliefs and the MANY roles that he felt were unsuitable for a Christian. There is a world of difference in the moral standards and ethics of HOLLYWOOD and a true Christian that loves the Lord and wants to bring glory to His NAME – not our own. 


[Image: Actress and Rams Cheerleader  Shauna Mayer Former Wife of Actor Chip Mayer]

CG: You were also a LA Rams Cheerleader, SAG actress, and model, correct? How did God shift your thinking from being a star in the industry to becoming HIS shining light and star? 

As fun and exciting as those experiences were, I felt empty inside. Nothing and no one can fill that emptiness but Jesus. All of those things are fleeting and felt shallow. So many of the people I was working with were not people that I felt had any real substance. Everything was about vanity, money, fame and materialism and nothing had any eternal value and I realized that – even then.  It all felt meaningless. I was raised in Texas and knew Jesus as a little girl but slowly forgot about Him after moving to LA and seeking ‘fame and fortune.

‘ I got radically saved in the ’80’s and fell SO in love with Jesus that everything else paled in comparison. After guest starring on a big sitcom and being offered a studio contract, I walked away from it all.

Looking after #1 (me) lost all of it’s appeal and I just wanted to know and follow Jesus. He was and still is #1 in my life. It was the best decision I ever made. I walked away from Tinseltown and all of the temporary allure it held. It’s make believe anyway. Jesus is THE “REAL”!

CG: Do you think God is doing something in the entertainment industry for His glory? There is such a change in our culture because of the advancements of technology-there are new television networks, people can watch any video practically from their phone (sermons, videos, worship, podcasts and so forth), how do you think films, TV, media, music will change society for Christ? Do you see the vision of Hollywood changing for God’s glory, or what I call, ‘Holywood?’

Clearly God is using many different HIGH POWERED individuals in HOLLYWOOD to make a difference such as; Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules”) and many others. They are not ashamed of the Gospel.

God did a very clever thing with all of them, in which, He gave them great success in HOLLYWOOD with huge followings and then each one changed and started doing and making movies with godly content. No one expected it.

I think a few hand picked and well loved and respected Actors in HOLLYWOOD can and have changed people’s prospective of Christians and the Kingdom of God. God knows what He is doing and whom He is using to draw attention to His Son and the love, forgiveness and eternal salvation He alone offers. There is SO much evil in the world and we all need what God has to offer us, right here, right now in the land of the living. TV and movies are incredibly defiling now and nothing seems to be sacred anymore.

I thank God for the people that are willing to make a stand for Christ in HOLLYWOOD, like you Christi. It’s not really a popular thing to do. What happened to shows like; “Father Knows Best?” I have a Heavenly Father who knows best. I choose to trust and follow Him! He is worthy of all honor, glory and praise. To Him be all the glory forever and ever. Amen and Amen.

CG: Thank you Shauna, and for your time! GOD BLESS YOU! How can people contact you if they want to book you to speak or learn about your book and ministry?

You can order “CONFESSIONS of 5 Christian Wives” at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.


@ShaunaSMayer on Twitter


Official Website:

Watch the Fox 411 Interview with Shauna Mayer about her new book and relationship with Chip from Dukes of Hazzard  click the link for Fox News here:

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