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Fall Decore in the Cassidy Home & Ideas!

By Christi Given Cassidy October 18, 2022

Here are some fall decoration ideas for you to apply in your house. These are SUPER easy and add warmth and joy to your household. You don't have to spend a lot of money to be creative and or to be festive. Do you enjoy decorating?? I am speaking to the ladies right now... do you enjoy decorating or gathering some pumpkin or apple cider candles? Do you like pumpkins in your house or are you more into the spooky side of fall? Personally, I do not LOVE Halloween or the dark side of the fall holidays. I am more of a pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie, and cute pumpkin pillows kinda girl. I like the scarecrows and pumpkin patches, but I am not into spiders or ghosts or vampires and so forth.

Here are 5 FALL DECORE IDEAS for you to Implement Into Your Living Space:

  1. Pumpkins: Real and Fake Decorations

This is super easy and somewhat obvious. But really, fake pumpkins in all sizes can be added to the kitchen window, in the bathroom, on the mantle of you fireplace and on your coffee tables. Adding plastic pumpkins are beneficial because they never rot and you do not have to worry about "smashed pumpkins" on your doorstep or animals coming to eat them like we do where I live.


The real pumpkins are great for carving or to add inside of your home by the fireplace or in cute spots in your front and backyard if you don't have an animal problem. Next, pumpkins are just cute and are the resemblance of the fall season. I like the white glass or ceramic pumpkin dish or cookware, salt and pepper shakers from Target and or Homegoods. Have fun shopping and adding them around the house...I promise you, that it will bring you some joy!!

[Credit: www.Target.com or www.Homegoods.com ]

Plush Pumpkins from Target.com

Fake Pumpkins for the Front Porch

Real Pumpkins: My Husband Connor and I at the Pumpkin Patch

2.) Fake Leaves & Wreathes : Add fake leaves from Michaels or any arts and crafts store to your mantle, in your bathrooms on the sink, and for our house we added them to our decorative bench in our entry way and fireplace mantles. It really makes a difference and makes our home so cute and cozy. A cute fall wreath is a great addition on your door as well!

Fall Wreath


3.) Pillows: This leads me to my next suggestion... a husband's worst nightmare.... (kidding)....drumroll... decorative pillows!!


Homegoods, Tj MAXX, Target, and Amazon will have cute fall pillows.

4.) Scarecrows & Cute Signs: I love this little scarecrow plush doll and also this "AUTUMN LEAVES and PUMPKIN PLEASE" sign. Add anywhere in the house on a shelf, in a corner and voila... you just made your home fall ready!

Sign: from Target.com



5.) Cute Fall Towels: I have suggested this before in a home decorating blog, but I have to say it again... cute tea towels, kitchen towels, bath towels add a lot to your home environment. As Marie Kondo says, "Spark joy..." so I say, spark joy by adding some cute and affordable pumpkin, turkey, Thanksgiving hand towels for the bathroom and kitchen.


Readers, what is YOUR favorite tip and or what do you think you will add to your home this year? Comment below! Any fun stores or websites that you can recommend for decorations? Write me and tell me. I would love to hear from you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving season with your family and friends!

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