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Disney’s Show ‘Sonny With A Chance’ Star Tiffany Thornton’s Concern Over ‘Demonic&

“Sonny With A Chance” Star Tiffany Thornton’s Concern for Demonic Superbowl Performances

By Emily Kirk 9:00PM MT January 3, 2022

The National Football League Super Bowl. It’s undoubtedly the most-watched program in the world every year, and generates more than $500M in revenue. Only an exclusive 40-50 companies in the United States win the fight (and big-money bid) to land just one coveted 60-second commercial spot, and an even bigger crew of 2-3,000 people (everything from dancers, musical directors, stage technicians to talent drivers), work alongside the megastar performers to create the musical spectacle that is the Halftime Show.

Image: Entertainment Tonight

This year, 2021’s star of the Halftime Show was trap/hip-hop singer The Weeknd. His lighting-heavy, vocally charged performance contributed US$7 Million to the annual sporting event and went for over 12 minutes. It included all the obvious additions such as his hits “I Can’t Feel My Face” and “I Feel It Coming,” hundreds of backup dancers adorned with glowing red eyes, face bandages and dark faux black eye injuries, and even darker red lights and smoke. However, as most unassuming viewers at home simply enjoyed the music, rushing to stream his music in support afterwards; some American Christians expressed their concern and disdain for the performance’s clear demonic references, including Disney star, Tiffany Thornton.


After officially leaving the Disney role of “Tawni Hart” on juggernaut hit shows Sonny With A Chance and follow-up sitcom “So Random” in 2013 to raise her growing family and lead a life of serving the Lord, Thornton has remained faithful to her Christian roots and has built an organic following on Instagram of fellow believers who identify with her testimony and now life of normality. Followers of her account know she uses her Instagram stories as a way to share the highs and lows of motherhood, parenting, being a worship leader and how they all connect to Christ, and her latest ones from the day after the Super Bowl were no different.

The 35 year-old mother of four couldn’t bite her tongue, posting a long chain of Instagram stories that went on to express her concern for large-scale performances like the Super Bowl being a haven of demonic influence to unsuspecting viewers. She starts off the 3 minute-long rant by saying:

I don’t really ever talk politics on here, but if (you all) don’t see the symbolism and satanic rituals, child sex trafficking references and illuminati correlations between musical artists and their Super Bowl half-time performances, and all these terrible things…you’re blind!”Disney star, Tiffany Thornton.

She goes on to explain that “There is symbolism all over the place (in Hollywood)…” and that we as believers and intellects should ‘look it up and do the research’ ourselves. -Former Disney star, Actress Tiffany Thornton

Using her veteran actress and country singer insight to share that “people in the music industry are abusing the talents that they’ve been given. They’re using it for satanic purposes.” Cryptically adding “What’s going on around you is way worse than you think it is.”

She prefaced her bold statements by clarifying,

“I was in the entertainment industry for a while. I was on the Disney Channel. Now I’m a stay-at-home Mum. I much prefer this life. Actress Tiffany Thornton.

“….But here’s my take on it, (Hollywood)…when you get to the point where you’re so rich, you’ve had so much success, dated everyone you’ve wanted to date and have done everything you’ve ever wanted to do – you get to a point where you become insatiable. Nothing is ever enough. Ever.”Disney star, Tiffany Thornton

Image: Entertainment Tonight (All Images May Have Copyright) [Credit: Getty Images]

Passionate Thornton then ends her series of videos describing how top celebrities are driven by their own desires, concluding that “I have seen it <this insatiability> happen to people in the entertainment industry, day in and day out, left and right. And that’s what leads to this satanic crap. I promise you – it’s all flesh-driven.”

Thornton’s bold and insightful speech only provides more of an understanding to everyday people and Christians alike as to what really goes on behind the smoke and mirrors of the Entertainment Industry. The former Disney darling joins a remnant of young ex-Hollywood stars who have spoken out about the hardships within the music and film industries, including “Crowded” hitmaker Jeannie Ortega, winner of The Four Evvie Mckinney and Spykids actress Alexa PenaVega.

Her concerns also echo that of popular Christian conservative Mummy bloggers such as Elizabeth “The Activist Mommy” Johnston. One former cast-member of Thornton’s we believe she may be referencing to and praying for is pop star Demi Lovato, who played the show’s lead role of Sonny from 2008-2010, until she left to enter her first stint at a drug and mental health rehabilitation program. Lovato credits that time as the beginning of her long history and battle of substance abuse, saying she “began using cocaine and xanax with a colleague at 16”. It is unknown as to whether or not Thornton knew the full extent of Lovato’s troubled ways at the time they originally filmed the much-loved children’s comedy.

Image: Daily Mail


HWN readers, do you see God moving in Hollywood? Comment below if you agree and or if you would like to comment a prayer for the leaders in entertainment. GOD BLESS YOU! Jesus Loves You! (John 3: 16-17)

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