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Demi Tebow Celebrates Her 27th Birthday by Raising Funds for Children 

By: Christi Given Tuesday July 28, 2022 3PM PT

Demi Tebow (former Miss Universe) and wife to American football player Tim Tebow, is celebrating her 27th Birthday by raising funds for abused children. She is raising awareness of the atrocities of human trafficking that is happening worldwide. Her jewelry line, 153 Jewelry has designed an “Arrow” Necklace in silver and gold that people can purchase and where proceeds go to help those in rehabilitation centers who are survivors of trafficking.

Donate Here:

Another way that people can support, is to go to the Tim Tebow Foundation directly and donate there. Her goal is to raise $200,000 for over 80 children in the Philippines. This is the leading area where online sexual exploitation and trafficking happens. According to Tebow’s official website, “8 out of 10 Filipino children are vulnerable to become victims of child sexual exploitation.” (CSE)


Watch the Video About a REAL Trafficking Testimony:

Go to Demi’s jewelry site to help support and spread awareness by purchasing one of her arrow necklaces, where the proceeds will go to fight these injustices.

Follow 153 Jewelry Online:

The Freedom Company had also partnered with Demi Tebow for her fundraiser to help bring awareness and to end the injustices of human sex slavery. You can support by purchasing a white crop T-shirt and proceeds as well, go to the cause.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI, what a beautiful heart and way to celebrate one’s life. Keep up the good work of the Lord and Kingdom. TIM and Demi Tebow are two role models and examples of what Hollywood needs more of. Pray for them and for their ministries.

Find out more:

Demi Tebow’s Official Website:

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