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Christian Actress Seen on Hallmark, + Child Advocate Jen Lilley Becomes a New Face of GAC 

By Tiffany Salerno January 17, 2021 2pm PT

Edited by Christi Given 3pm MT

Actress Jen Lilley

Christian actress and child advocate Jen Lilley signed a multi-movie deal with GAC Media, a Christian-run conservative entertainment company. As part of the deal, Lilley will star four in original films over the next two years.

GAC Media is: “Streaming media Via Fubo TV, Philo, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Frndly TV. GAC Family (formerly Great American Country/GAC) is an American cable television network owned by GAC Media.”

“I see God in every single detail of this deal,” Jen said. “GAC Family is Christian-owned, with a sincere love for Jesus and every precious person Jesus created. GAC Family puts Christ at the center of every decision they make as a company, and it’s truly an honor to work for them. The content GAC Family creates is made with excellence, and it’s meant to entertain, encourage, and uplift viewers.”—- Jen Lilley Actress (As seen on the Hallmark Channel)

“Bill and I have a longstanding relationship, and not only is he one of the wisest and hardest working people I know; he’s full of integrity,” Jen said. “He is so forthright and honest, that if Bill makes a promise, you can trust that it’s as good as done. It’s hard to find someone with Bill’s level of commitment and integrity, especially in Hollywood, so when a man like that supports your career, your family, and appreciates the causes near and dear to your heart, it’s a gift from God to work together.”

When Bill Abbott purchased GAC from Discovery in August 2021, he said his

…”goal was to create family-friendly content — something that I personally have seen is very wanted and craved by people across America. In opposition to the progressive ideologies presented in many Hollywood productions, Abbott aims to bring families together around traditional ’American culture, lifestyle and heritage.” ABBOTT —Former CEO OF HALLMARK CHANNEL (Now GAC

“Abbott is launching two new channels under the umbrella of the company GAC Media. These are launching on September 27 and will be called GAC Family and GAC Living, according to a press release…”


And who better to be a featured face on this network than Jen Lilley, who stands for conservative values and is a pro-family, pro-life mother and wife?

“Aside from being an immensely talented and hardworking actor, Jen is a generous and kindhearted person who is a perfect fit for GAC,” Abbott told Deadline. “Many of us on the GAC team have known Jen for years, and we are excited to welcome her to the family as we work together to bring even more entertaining movies to our fans.”

God is so faithful. Jen moved to Los Angeles from Virginia out of obedience to God’s calling on her life. With her hope in Him and her feet moving forward in faith, Jen found that her Heavenly Father did not disappoint.

Though Jen knew absolutely no one in the Los Angeles area, God opened doors for her because she is a diligent worker and an obedient daughter of the King and because she is a great memorizer, probably thanks in part to years spent memorizing Bible verses.

Who knew SCRIPTURE memory could transfer to SCRIPT memory?

Now, as an actress who is also a foster, adoptive and biological mother, both scripts and Scripture are necessary for her to live out her calling.

Jen uses her platform as an actress — primarily known for her work on “Days of our Lives” and in many Hallmark movies — to advocate for children in need. To learn about my family’s foster care non-profit, visit

Some of her newest projects for include:

• Christmas is Not Cancelled, which uses DIY Christmas craft videos and other content to bring celebrities, brands and fans together to raise funds and awareness for underprivileged children.

• Tulsa Girls Home, which provides high quality residential treatment, equine therapy and more for Oklahoma girls in foster care.

“If one of you says to such a person, “Go in peace; keep warm and eat well,” but does not take care of that person’s physical needs, what is the good of that?” — James 2:16 (NCB)

Jen said this work is motivated by the Holy Spirit, who often convicts her when she reads the Bible, especially the book of James. Jen particularly noted these verses as influential to her work advocating for foster children:

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” — James 1:27 (NLT)

“It is our job as Believers to reveal to these precious children just how greatly valued and loved they are by God and His people,” Jen said. “We need to actually show up for these children as the Body of Christ. They’re not the government’s kids; they’re children of God, so we must be the hands and feet of Christ and answer their cries for help!”

To support Jen’s journey and her fight for foster kids, buy her music (she’s also a singer-songwriter, and the proceeds from her music go to causes for children), shop online at the Christmas is Not Cancelled store, follow her on Instagram, and tune in to her movies on the Hallmark Channel and GAC Media.

“Every time I see her act, I am delighted and entertained. It seems like she can convey about a million expressions per minute, and no matter who she’s playing, it’s clear in her countenance that she carries the presence of the Lord.” —Tiffany Salerno (Contributor to Holywood)


  1. Jen’s music and movies —

  2. Christmas is Not Cancelled —

  3. Tulsa Girls Home —

  4. Jen’s website:

  5. Jen’s instagram:


Jen’s project, Christmas is Not Cancelled, supports foster kids and other children at risk.

Some of Jen’s recent films include:

  1. Where Your Heart Belongs (2022)

  2. Royally Wrapped for Christmas (2021)

  3. A Little Daytime Drama (2021)

  4. Snowkissed (2021)

  5. USS Christmas (2020)

For those of you who are regular readers of this blog, you may know founder Christi Given published a book recently on Barnes and Nobles and Tiffany Salerno edited the book. Lilley also played Queen Esther in the movie ”The Book of Esther,” by Pure Flix.

Jen Lilley as Esther

The book is about how to find your true royal purpose and identity, as well as how to speak up and use your voice for justice. Lilley endorsed the book ”Daughter of the King,” on Barnes and Noble by founder Christi Given (Revised by Tiffany Roney Salerno), by saying,

“Esther highlights that we were created for such a time as this. God wrote us into this section of history with a role to play. We must seek His will and heart above all else, and be gentle as doves but wise as serpents. We must be fully awake to what the enemy plans for evil and how God can turn every curse into a blessing if we are open to the call.”

Jen Lilley Star of The Book of Esther and leading actress in Hallmark movies

Find the book on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble Book Link:

Readers, do YOU see God moving in Hollywood? Comment below.

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