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Christi & Connor's Love Story (From Miss to Mrs.)

By Christi Given Cassidy

The Love Story.....

Our Story on How We Met

Connor and Christina met at a local church at the “coffee” bar one Sunday in August of 2019. After a church service, Christina requested a latte by the handsome coffee barista, whom she had never seen before at her home church she grew up in Hermosa Beach, CA. Connor was a new church member volunteering at the coffee bar and when they made eye contact, it was love at first sight. Connor politely asked for her name for the cup, and she said it quickly, and he asked, is it Chrissy??

She said "Christina— but my music stage name is Christi— for short." He asked about music and they hit it off. Next was their first lunch date, talks about music and of course Connor’s powerful testimony about how he overcame and survived a motorcycle accident just one year prior. He overcame a TBI (traumatic brain injury), and is a walking miracle. Not only was his life spared, he renewed his walk with Christ had got baptized and then, met the love of his life, where God started to write their love story.

Connor and Christina would go out, maintained a pure friendship, and Connor always was chivalrous and a gentleman. They joined the same mini church and then by the end of December 2019, Connor had to move back home to Arizona where his family lives. At the time Christina did not realize how interested Connor was and over time it became more evident and clear.




As they kept in contact and would encourage one another with Christian music and worship, they re-connected the day before Fourth of July. They had a friends small gathering for a birthday and it was 4th of July weekend and decided to spend it together...they drove on the 405 and saw a 360 degree firework show of all of Los Angeles and were “blown” away.

Not only by the experience of the fireworks blazing and booming through the sky, but they laughed and enjoyed a small BBQ in Los Angeles, and that next day, Connor dropped off pink daisies on Christina’s doorstep. He had to head back to Arizona and the weekend was magical, yet came to an end.

But not for long, as their kindred spirits were drawn to one another. Connor promised Christina he would make an effort every weekend to see her if she would commit to him and be his girlfriend. He wanted to kiss her that 4th of July night, but kissed her cheek out of respect of their sweet friendship and blossoming romance which would be made more clear very soon.~


~ Over a few weeks through phone calls, drives to California from Arizona, and after trips of her meeting his family, they just knew it was right and everything clicked. Their love just grew and grew and there was so much peace.

Read “The Promise Ring” for more...

The Promise Ring 💍

Christina made it pretty clear she was not seeking a boyfriend girlfriend typical relationship, but had pretty high standards of what she was praying about regarding her future spouse in purity and boundaries.

Connor was very intentional and very determined and not long after they started dating, drove in with the promise ring. The ring was engraved with her favorite scripture verse from the Bible, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 ~

In exchange, Christina bought Connor a black metal purity ring with a cross engraved that said “PURITY,” to remind them to wait for marriage and to remain steadfast to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Through the Summer they attended a friends birthday and post wedding connect since the ceremony was out of state, and very sweet memories were made Summer 2020. This leads to the engagement story.. please read the next section, entitled, “engagement” to find out what happens next in Connor and Christina’s love story.


The Engagement Story

Fast forward to one August Saturday, Connor was visiting from his hometown in Scottsdale and had taken Christina to a local restaurant downtown El Segundo, a familiar and favorite “El Torasco.” It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day, and Connor was set to leave around 5pm to head to the airport to catch his flight home when he asked, when can he for sure know that they could be engaged to court into marriage.

He was persistent that he could not wait until December, as Christina wanted to do about 6 months of courting before engagement and yet, time was ticking. The couple had met a year prior in 2019 and had gone on a few dates but this was making it official from dating to engagement (courtship). Behind the scenes Christina was praying fervently for her husband and was ready after years of preparation, praying and fasting for her husband. God made it abundantly clear and so beautiful in his timing. (Ecclesiastes 3)


August 15, 2020: Connor ran across the street to this engagement ring store and got a beautiful pink and white diamond ring and in front of the outside dining area just as the food was being delivered... he got on one knee (during the pandemic everyone ate outside) and confessed his love to her and popped the question. Shocked, she responded, “YES... oh my goodness yes!!!” A moment in time stood still, as everyone in the outside patio said, "Congratulations," and clapped. It was a dream... in the meantime the food needed to be eaten, boxed and the flight was ready for take off. Connor had to get to the airport back to his hometown in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Gift From Connor to Christina as she lost her Dad at age 14, and Connor wanted to remind her that her Father was always watching out for her... so sweet!

To be continued... see the “Official Proposal...”

The Official Proposal August 21, 2020

You may be asking yourself—- well they got engaged technically August 15, but I didn’t hear about it until December on social media, and is there a difference between a proposal and an engagement? Not quite, but in our story we got "engaged" in El Segundo ( a less formal proposition), and the official "proposal" in our case, was more formal.

As the story continues ~ Connor really swept Christina off her feet and was a Prince and pursued persistently to make sure that she knew he was 100% confident and certain that God showed him she was his soul mate. He wanted to make sure the proposal was done with the right pictures (if you know Christina she loves photos), and of course the right attire and for the memory to be properly documented.

Once Christina had met his family, initially, many things were sealed and there was a knowing, a peace and familiarity with this loved ones and there was genuine love and acceptance with arms wide open. She felt so embraced and welcomed by the family and everything did happen quite swiftly from the time of the summer to the fall.

~ August 21, 2020 on one Friday night Connor got his younger brother to take incognito photos while he planned a recorded proposal over Christina’s favorite worship song “Oceans, (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United an Australian Christian worship band. Connor laid out a blanket, pink flower petals and waited for the fountain at Fountain Hills, AZ to timely go off at the sunset while he got on his knee to confess his love and yet again, solidify his first proposal. We joke and say that there were 2-3 proposals (kidding), but really he made his pronouncing of his confession of love and she gladly accepted.

~ They danced and sang on the grass in the park, and took photos that they will keep for a lifetime. He brought her the oval shaped diamond ring she dreamed of, and the two were overjoyed in gratitude, happiness, and overflowing adoration for one another.

~ Many of you know that Connor is a very talented, and incredible Chef and that evening that he planned his extravagant official proposal, he prepared a beautiful three-course meal and wowed Christina and his whole family.

3 Course Meal Prepared by Chef Connor

The newly engaged couple August 21, 2020.

Chef Connor's Crème Brûlée

Gift from Connor's Parents

The weekend was filled with swimming, BBQs, family time, getting to meet Grandma (aka-Nana), and of course quality time with each other. It was all so surreal and beautiful. They also enjoyed their Bible reading time, where Connor reads the Word in order from the front to the back (cover to cover) all the way through.

Shortly thereafter, Christina decided to leave California, her hometown, to join her future family for quality time, the holidays, and more, amidst the pandemic, but it did not stop their love story... and so it continues...

~ Now that Christina moved to AZ, they were able to closely plan the wedding, have quality family time during the holidays and Christina was able to see her sister who lives in Arizona as well as her nieces who also live there. It has been quite an adventure, and the love story continues... stay tuned for more.... ~~~~


C&C Married 1.27.2021

Connor and Christina Tied the knot January 27, 2021 and are happily married, expecting their first baby boy due Nov 2022.

Official Proposal at the Fountain, in Fountain Hills, AZ

Engagement Ring from Shane Co. We upgraded it over time from the initial Pink & White band Connor Gave me from 8-15-20, to the oval ring he proposed with 8-21-20

Our Official "Engagement Photos" Were Taken by: Forgiven Photography (Travis Silva)


Friday August 12, 2022 (Two Years After the Proposal....Marriage and Now Soon to Be Children!)

C&C Married 1.27.2021


More Images from FORGIVEN PHOTOGRAPHY From Our Engagement Professional Photo Shoot

Connor and Christina Tied the knot January 27, 2022 and are happily married, expecting their first baby boy due Nov 2022.

Stay Tuned for a Wedding Blog Post..

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