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Building Holywood Podcast: Tiffany Roney Salerno Interview on Her Kids Music EP Release

Tiffany Roney Salerno, Christian kids singer-songwriter, was interviewed by host and founder Christi Given for the 9th episode of “Building Holywood: in Media, Music and Technology” (Friday June 4, 2021). Roney Salerno just released a new children’s worship album, entitled, “I AM A WORSHIPPER,” with her husband, Anthony Salerno. The album came out May 28, 2021, on all media streaming platforms and as a physical CD. Anthony Salerno’s father (Tiffany’s father-in-law), Tony Salerno, is a multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producer, and he is an advisor on the album. Moose and Squirrel Media distributed and produced the album.

[Image Credit: Tony Salerno’s Album]

Tony Salerno (Anthony’s father, and Tiffany’s father-in-law), is well-known for his animated video productions. His video, “THE AMAZING BOOK” was a top-selling children’s video in the Christian Booksellers Association marketplace. Other videos he produced include “MUSIC MACHINE” (based on the popular recording), “AMAZING CHILDREN,” BENNY’S BIGGEST BATTLE,” “AMAZING MIRACLES,” and “THE EVERLASTING ADVENTURE” (two episodes).


“Best Recording for Children” Category

Animals and Other Things

Agapeland At Play With Holly Heart Bullfrogs and Butterflies II

The Bible: The Amazing Book Bullfrogs & Butterflies


#1 Inspirational Album #1 Inspirational Artist

New Zealand

[Nominated 1982, Nominated 1984, Nominated 1985, Nominated 1986, Nominated 1988, Nominated 1989, Awarded 1980, Awarded 1980]

Tony Salerno is an overseer of the project and consultant to the musical couple. They also sing regularly at his church meetings, and they produce and perform for children’s events, as well lead worship at the church where they were married in Mount Baldy, CA. Contact them online or message them through their website to book them or to purchase the physical copy.

Official Website:

Click here to order the album:

[Image Credit: Anthony Salerno & Tiffany Roney-Salerno with “I AM A WORSHIPPER” ALBUM]

Salerno is also the editor of the book, “Daughter of the King” on Barnes and Noble, and the Nook App for E-book on

Roney-Salerno is not just a singer-songwriter, worshipper, and songwriter but she is also a leader in Hollywood, producer, director, and editor for many books. She has a degree in Communications, PR, and creative writing as well from University. Roney-Salerno, also models and does kids parties as well as concerts.

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