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Apple Pie Dump Cake Recipe

Apple Dump Cake Recipe:

By: Christi Given Cassidy 12/9/22 7PM MT

Do you like Apple pie or rather should I say “Apple Dump Cake A La-Mode” anyone? I had seen some bloggers do this recipe and mwanted to try it, then my Mother in law made this at our last family event it was DE-LICIOUS!! 🍽

Watch the video below:

Follow the baking instructions and get the ingredients below! Only 3-4 items needed.


3-4 items… 🍏 🍎 1-2 Cans of Apple canned filling of your choice (or any fruit filling: can be peach, 🍑cherry, 🍒  and so forth. One box of cake mix (yellow or white) and butter. 🧈

Dump the 3 ingredients in 13x9 inch baking tray at 350 degrees for 5o minutes and voila, you have a quick version of an ‘Apple Pie A La mode…’ oh and don’t forget …with vanilla ice cream 🍦 on top. Perfect dessert that’s quick, easy and delicious. This is great for fall too… 🍂 add cinnamon, caramel, and or brown sugar for extra goodness. Enjoy! 😋

How To Make Apple Dump Cake Recipe:

1.) Dump apple pie filing into a greased 9 x 13 inch baking dish.

2.) Spread yellow or white cake 🍰 mix over the the top. (Don’t add eggs or extra ingredient on box… just dump it literally on top of the fruit.)

3.) Melt a stick of butter 🧈 or for more (a cup of butter/ margarine) pour on top of the cake mix (cover all on top)

4.) Sprinkle Cinnamon & I added Pumpkin 🎃 Spice flavoring on top!

5.) Place in oven at 350•degrees, bake for 50 minutes.

6.) Cut a slice or two of your delicious dump cake 🍰 and add a dollop/scoop of of vanilla ice cream (or flavor of your choice) and drizzle some caramel on top for extra sweetness. Doesn’t need it but for you caramel apple 🍎 lovers will be delish! ….. enjoy… share the love. Happy Baking! 👩🏼‍🍳


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