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Another Azuza Revival?

“Azuza Now” Event: Why YOU Should Attend, My Miracle Story & The Call For Revival 2016!

By: Christi Given


I have heard through several people and churches, such as Bethel and the Pasadena International House of Prayer about the “Azusa Now” event happening April 9, 2016 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum led by Lou Engle. It will be like an evangelical outreach similar to a Billy Graham crusade and is a call for revival in the land. Los Angeles is the pinnacle of influence in the United States with Hollywood,entertainment, influence, and media being here. Of course on the Holywood section of my blog, ( there is much evidence for this movement taking place in our day.


It has been seen and envisioned by many prayer warriors and prophets to see stadiums, nightclubs, and even secular venues filled to the brim with people worshipping Jesus and seeing people getting healed, delivered, set free and for another Jesus Movement to possibly take place. Churches like Bethel and the International House of Prayer, and others are supporting this event, so make sure to RSVP and to check it out if you are in town and able to make it. RSVP & reserve your seat here:

“Bethel is partnering with Lou Engle’s The Call to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Outpouring.”

[Source: ]

How to get involved. We are inviting everyone to participate in the Azusa Now event in Los Angeles. Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry has decided to focus all …

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“The Call”, started by Lou Engle, (revivalist, evangelist, church planter, prayer warrior, and founder of Bound 4 Life) is based on creating a space for revival, worship, repentance, prayer (see Joel Chapter 2 in the Bible), and to witness miracles and other transformation because of the Gospel of Jesus. “The Call” is to initiate an awakening in the body of Christ, to pray for our nation, to proclaim a call of revival in America. This specific event “Azusa Now” (event of 2016), will be commemorating the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles.

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.” -Joel 2: 28-29


The Azuza Street revival (Occurred approximately from 1906-1915) on Azuza street in Los Angeles.) Click the link to read about the history of the revival that took place here:

Watch a video on the history of the Azuza Street Revival:

I had to write and blog about tell you all about the 2016 “Azusa Now” event happening this year because I have had several confirmations of the revival that God has given me which will take place here in Los Angeles and all over the world. If you care about seeing people saved, delivered, healed and released from the chains of sin, come and join the movement and this event! If you cannot make it, then please pray for revival to start here in California and all over the world in Jesus’ name!

The story of me being connected to the Azusa event begins here:

I had to write and blog about tell you all about the 2016 “Azuza Now” event happening this year. First thing is that a young lady on Instagram asked me if I lead at Hillsong for worship and she contacted me out of the millions of people and she asked me to connect because she and her husband are planting a church in Long Beach and she wants to grab coffee. Her name is Autumn Katz, and not only that, she is an anointed, amazing worship leader and songwriter and released her song, “Sound of Rain” on iTunes. Click here to support her song:


She happens to be set to be leading worship for the Azuza event. (Randomness, right?) A week goes by or so, and I am just going down the Twitter feed, (which by the way I hadn’t been on in a while), oh and lo and BEHOLD, I see that the man who started “THE CALL,” Lou Engle tweeted about her… I’m like what? ! Another confirmation that God let me see this. God has a sense of humor and works in mysterious ways…


[ ]

The next part of my story is that I went to PIHop two Friday’s ago for the Friday night gathering in Pasadena for the first time. (A branch of the International House of Prayer that is open 24 hours for prayer and worship.) When I arrived I settled in and sat next to my friend/ sister in Christ, and listened to the anointed, wonderful music. My friend who invited me told me if I needed the restroom at all it was behind the curtains (she goes to PI hop almost every week.) Later in the evening, I confirmed the restrooms were back behind the curtains, (which kind of looked like back stage to me), and she said yes, that is where they are, so I hesitantly went ahead to navigate.


First thing was I saw a unique old fashioned piano (which I loved, as I am a musician), and saw a door which had a set of stairs going up or down. I decided to go upstairs and found myself in a hallway where there seemed to be several doors which ended up being offices.

“We have passion that the body of Christ, in Los Angeles will be equipped with all aspects of the ministry of Jesus. ”— Cheryl Allen

[Source: ]


I literally pause to see Cheryl Allen’s office of whom is the key director and leader and who helps run the PI Hop in Pasadena. I keep walking down the hallway, and behold, I see Lou Engle’s office… Another God moment and confirmation to go to this event. I had to take a picture because this was all too coincidental from Autumn the worship leader messaging me, to me even coming to Pasadena (which was a far drive and happened to be on a busy weekend with two holidays and two major events in the same weekend.) Regardless of the multiple holidays and sitting in two hours of traffic I felt led to go. It was Friday February 12, 2016, the weekend of Valentine’s weekend, President’s weekend, the LA Marathon and the Grammys. Hmmm, not a weekend you want to be driving to Pasadena from the west side of town in amen?



So my story continues, as I find myself after my journey of traffic and navigating the rest room to LITERALLY be at the door of Lou Engle’s office, of whom wasn’t there but I was be-wildered by God’s incessant, relentless pursuit to grab my attention.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. 19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. 20 The wild animals honor me, the jackals and the owls, because I provide water in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to my people, my chosen, 21 the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise. {Isaiah 43:18-21}

Sure anyone who attends regularly might say “Oh of course you would see that because he works out of that church..” but guess what? I didn’t know that. I took a picture of course, and I also found the rest room- in case you were wondering… Not to mention there was an Azuza poster posted inside the stall to further drive the point home that yes indeed I am supposed to be there or at least help spread the word about it, right?

So after all my testimonies of why I think I should attend April 9th at the Los Angeles Coliseum and that people in LA, especially believers who are seeking for revival too should attend… I am still not finished.

After the fun evening of worship, fellowship, a powerful word and personal/ private encounter (that I now feel obliged to share via my blog…) me and some friends decided to eat at good old, Inn N’ Out Burger. My friend from my home church Joshue in downtown LA joined me with his friend Gabby who I met for the first time. Really, it was a random night because this Inn N’ Out didn’t have a sit in diner and we wanted to eat and talk so we order our burger from the to go window and sat outside at what was like patio tables. Super random.


Anyways, I saw a nice red headed young looking guy who looked like a hipster Christian, possibly a youth leader or guitar player or someone who was in ministry on his phone. I felt like he was a Christian for some reason, again super random and the night carried on. Well, the parking lot was super small at this Inn N’Out and my car was in a good spot, but my friend Joshue had to block a car in since there was no where else. The guy who I thought was a Christian walks up to us just as we’re finishing our delicious burgers and fries, and asked politely if Joshue could move his car. He leaves and I look over minutes later to see my friend praying for the hipster red head…(of course Joshue would i thought!) I happily perked up and asked Gabby if she wanted to join the prayer, she said yes.


[Pic: Joshue, Gabby, Brandon & me at Inn N’ Out]

We all stand around the red head and I see his red car has plates from Alabama…I am touched to see that he too really IS a believer and is moved by my friends prayer. Afterwards, we all talk and Joshue, knowing some of what happened, asked me, “Christina, guess who he works for?” I said, “No, no don’t tell me…” We all start laughing… yes! This guy, Brandon works for Lou Engle for the Azuza Now event! Also, Brandon was just at PI Hop doing the AUDIO for the evening! Seriously God?! I mean what are the odds? Not to mention, we didn’t have to get food after, nor sit outside in the cold, nor did my friend have to block him or even talk to him! Brandon tells us he JUST moved here from Alabama and had just driven up a month or two ago and was super new to the area. He was trusting God to provide and moved here by faith….Hmm, I feel that we happened to be there at that Inn N’ Out Burger at the right place, at the appointed time, to not only encourage our brother in the Lord, but we were overly blessed because of God’s miraculous glory! We prayed again and I gladly led the prayer just asking God to shower Brandon with provision and favor as He honored God, so God would honor Him (I know He will), and we ended the evening rejoicing in our good Lord!

Click the website here to RSVP for the April 9th, 2016 event if you can make it, the event is FREE, they just need people to respond so they can find out seating and numbers:

Watch the video for what this event is all about below & God bless you!



Lou Engle and the PI Hop Teams will need over 10,000 volunteers so please pray about helping that day on April 9th, 2016.


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