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5 High-End Affordable Fashion Pieces That Will Elevate Your Look at the ‘Beauty Box Boutique’

Updated: Sep 27

By: Christi Given Tuesday July 26, 2022 10pm PT (MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME)

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest fashion trends in the season and end up breaking your wallet or spending allowance. As a fashionista like yourself, but wanting to be prudent in my spending… I want to help YOU maintain that budget of yours. I also want you to get the MOST value and bang for your buck, while looking dashing and dapper doing it.

At the “Beauty Box Boutique” in Fountain Hills, Arizona (and worldwide online at: www.BeautyBoxFH.com) you will be able to do just that: shop high-end chic looks with a designer flair, without the overspending. This sounds like a great deal to me!

Here are some of my favorite look alike designer items that the “Beauty Box Boutique” offers. These are some of the pieces that I personally love and that I recommend for you. These selections will elevate your style and will make a fashion statement. I will share “5 Beauty Box Fashion Selections,” most of which, you can come in person and find, or that you can purchase online. Let’s get started with our 5 high end looks and fashion pieces that will heighten your look without breaking the bank.

5 Fashion Pieces That Will Polish Your Look Without Breaking Your Budget:

1.) Designer Initial Belt: These high fashion monogram belts come in different colors from Black, White, Brown/Tan, Pink and even the Beauty Box Boutique Carries them in Rhinestone Bling, in either black or white.

*Fashion Tip: Add a belt to any dress, blouse or outfit to take your look up a notch.

[Image: Shopping.Web]

2.) A Silk Designer Scarf: The BBB has many different colors and patterned scarves. Add a scarf around your head for a 1950’s vintage look with a pair of chic sunglasses for summer, around your neck for a retro look or to make your outfit even more feminine. I would advise scarfs even as a belt if you want to make your look more unique and fashionable. Some can be wrapped around your shoulders and or tied onto a handbag for an emboldened fashion statement.

[Image: www.Shein.com]

3.) Designer Hand Bag: Speaking of purses, at the “Beauty Box Boutique,” they carry multiple different types of hand bags, wallets and purses that are not going to break the bank. They may look like a Parisian Audrey Hepburn bag or clutch, but these bags won’t cost you thousands. You can look like a million bucks without having to spend a million. When the trends change like the seasons do so rapidly, why not get more for your money while looking fabulous?!

[Image: Walmart.com]

4.) Designer Mock Up Sunglasses: Whether it’s an oversized pair of oval sunglasses that channel your Jackie O, (Jacqueline Kennedy) or your inner Hepburn, or whether it is a 1970’s Elvis aviator pair of glasses that you fancy…. The BBB has it all. Try a cat eye to get that Marilyn Monroe look or try a geometric pair. The Beauty Box has amazing sunnies to protect your eyes this summer, while looking stylish and for only $14.00 a pair or two for $24.00

[Image: AboutHer.com]

5.) Bangles: Stacked bracelets are super in this summer and add an upper class, prestigious look to your wardrobe. Accessories can really promote your overall sense of style, personality, and fashion taste. Misty, the owner of the Beauty Box sets very decent prices for her merchandise, especially compared to some of the department stores or bigger name brand stores who over charge $500.00 or more for these bracelets. You can get the same look for less, and feel beautiful while saving.

[Image: www.aliexpress.com]

Readers, out of the 5 Stylish Pieces that I mentioned, which one is your favorite or do you see yourself purchasing for your Summer 2022 wardrobe?

Come on in and start elevating your wardrobe or go to: www.BeautyBoxFH.com for more!

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