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5 Decore' Tips on 'How to Add Joy to Your Home'

By: Christi Given Thursday July 28, 2022

Personally, I love to decorate and to beautify my home in simple, small ways. Although these pieces of advise or that I share may seem like common sense, but they can be gentle reminders for those who are busy working Moms, career women, or those always on the go. Remember, to take time for self-care and to maintain your living quarters. Having a clean, fresh space is good for your mental health and well-being. Having fresh flowers, a new candle, fresh decore' or hand towels, can seem small, but can make a WORLD of a difference. Plants, long faux stems and or reeds can do the trick as well, to add some life or greenery to your space.

5 Decore' Tips on 'How to Add Joy to Your Home'

1.) Add Cute Towels to Your Space: Whether a kitchen, bathroom, or guest powder room, fresh towels can spark joy and bring a new feel to your living space.

2.) Add Fresh Flowers to Your Home: Faux or real flowers add to your space color wise. Ideally, real flowers are a better choice, but are more pricey. The inspiration, fragrance and fresh colors may be worth the investment for you. The choice is up to you on the type of floral arrangement you choose. Flowers can add joy and refreshment to any room.

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3.) Add Candles to Your Space: Big candles, little candles or fake battery powered candles can add a warmth to a room. Personally, I love delicious smelling candles. I enjoy the flame free candles as well, which you can purchase at AT HOME. Magnolia and Target has great priced candles, as well as Bath & Body Works has a variety of fragrances depending on your taste, mood and season.

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This Large Brass Candle Bowl is elegant and nice as a centerpiece on a table, combined with some fresh plants or flowers.

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[Image: Mrs. Cassidy lighting candles during the holiday season]

[Image: Flameless candle from AT HOME]



4.) Add Chandelier or Light Fixture:

Adding a chandelier or light fixture to your room can brighten, inspire, and add sparkle to your home. It also can elevate your bedroom, dining or living room to more elegant, refined feel. If you want a room in your home to have a more upscale look, buy a light or candelabrum. You can get lights from Lamps Plus, to more expensive online stores or even at Home Depot for a decent price. The choice is yours on how fancy or modern you would like your home to be. Lighting will definitely change the mood and enviornment.





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5.) Add Curtains: Adding draperies to a room can lift and also add a layer of luxury or class. Curtains and window treatments surprisingly are not too expensive. You can spend more on drapes in some capacity depending on what you are looking for but you can also get some nice curtains at your local neighborhood home stores like Target, At Home, and Home Goods.

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Link: https://www.amazon.com/Anytime-Blackout-Curtains-Decorations-Curtain%EF%BC%88W52/dp/B09FYC34V8?th=1


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Readers, what is your favorite decore' tip or what do you implement already or desire to? Comment below!

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